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Funded! Our Second Venture!

Sep 17, 2017

A recent donation of $7,500 has fully funded a second venture for bookaworld. Yes, it came from our prime benefactor, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation of Etna, New Hampshire. Since our founding in 2012, they have single-handedly made bookaworld a reality. This is their final contribution, and once we distribute another 100+ eReaders to some fortunate children around the world, we will have two successful ventures to boast of to other funding sources. Then comes the work of convincing other potential donors that Dorothy Byrne was right in her response to hearing about bookaworld: "What a great idea!"

For now, the search is on for a second partner. We know who we would like, but I don't want to jinx our outreach by prematurely announcing who it will be. Watch here for an announcement soon, I hope.

Back on Track

Aug 17, 2016
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation—where would we be without them?—has once again shared its largesse with us, with a $2,000 donation.

In addition, second-quarter 2016 income from the Amazon Smile program (see Entry below) has just been announced. Eight people are signed on for that program, where Amazon donates one-half of one percent of all participants' purchases to bookaworld. Smile, if I have my way (more on this later) will be the making of bookaworld. Payment this quarter: $16.18, which represents $3,236 in sales for our eight participants in the second quarter.

On a less encouraging front, outreach to 23 foundations has resulted in 10 rejections so far, and no word from the rest, though the last appeal went out in April.

When one sees such things in the news as the recent sale of the bankrupt Gawker for $138 million, one wonders what is wrong with a world that has so much money in it, but so little to give to help liberate the many millions of the world's children from ignorance and oppression.

bookaworld will persevere, and ramp up our ongoing efforts to establish partnerships with NGOs serving our target population. The $2,000 now in our coffers will finance about 20 eLibraries. So look here for news on the Partner front soon.

Fundraising: Next Steps

Mar 12, 2016
Selamta: Our first great success! (See below)

However, there will be no resting on our laurels. We are busily pursuing our next partner, an NGO in the Middle East, and we hope to have an announcement soon.

Meanwhile, the funding!

1) Amazon Smile: Painless Participation
Amazon.com has a program called Smile which donates a portion of its sales income to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. By participating in Smile, you can be a big help to us, and at no cost to you!

The Smile web site is at https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0378198. When you open that page, you will see that you can designate bookaworld, Inc., as the nonprofit you want to support. Once that is done, all you need to do is go on smile.amazon.com to make your purchases. Smile even provides a toolbar icon (optional) that will take you right there the next time you want to purchase something.

Around mid-May, you can check The Proceeds page to see how much we have taken in from Smile so far. Amazon distributes their donations 45 days after the close of each calendar quarter.

2) Razoo
I have set up a donor page on a crowdsourcing site called Razoo. Find it HERE. Our first fundraiser on Razoo, called Hello, Bookaworld! Runs through the last day of spring (June 19). So letís see if that can attract some attention.

3) Foundations
Finally, I am reaching out to at least three foundations a week for support. If you know of any likely prospects in this area, please let me know.

Thank you!


Feb 24, 2016
From Abel Solomon, Country Director, Selamta Family Project, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, February 16, 2016:

Dear Dale,

I believe this news will make you happy.

After a very long and hectic customs bureaucracy, we finally got the Kindles and they are now in Selamta. Some of the kids are already accessing them and we are charging all the Kindles as batteries are dead. Here are some pictures to thank you and bookaworld and all the people participating to make this happen.

Thank you, Dale, for this very important donation you made for the children of Selamta.

Thank you Teri and Boeing for helping us transport the Kindles.

Thank you Worku and Teshome for your support and advice during the challenges I faced at Customs.

I would also like to thank the Ethiopian Airlines for the 50% discount they gave us on the warehouse charge.

More pictures will be sent following the process.



From Dale Copps, bookaworld, Inc., Windsor, Vermont, USA, February 16, 2016

Dear Abel,

You BELIEVE this news will make me happy?!!!

I am, as we say here, OVER THE MOON!! I am glad I am alone here in my office, because when I saw those pictures I cried more than I have in ten years! Thank you for them!

Click a picture for a larger view:


Abel, you did a great job working so hard on this, and I thank you a million times over. It would not have happened without you.

And I extend my thanks to the others you mention who provided such valuable assistance along the way. You all persevered in a difficult situation, and Selamtaís children are enjoying an advantage today which they would not have had without our combined efforts.

Tell all the children I am so happy for them. I send them all my love and I have nothing but the brightest hopes for their futures.

They each hold in their hands a lifelong companion of great value and I am so proud and grateful that my donor and I, and you and the others, together were able to put them there.

In solidarity,


On the Way!

May 23, 2015

If all goes according to schedule, bookaworld's first shipment of 101 eReader libraries (and leather cases and USB adapters) will be on its way to Selamta in Addis Ababa this morning.

It has been a long time coming, and we will write about it in more detail once we know the eReaders are in the hands of the children (and can breathe a long sigh of relief). For now, Boeing, in coordination with Ethiopian Airlines, is flying the seven boxes to Addis Ababa free of charge to bookaworld (as part of their Humanitarian Shipment program), and we couldn't be more grateful to them. Kudos to Boeing!

The bookaworld Collection is Complete!

Sep 11, 2014
Another milestone has been reached. The 1000+ volumes in the bookaworld library have been collected. Almost all of them come from Project Gutenberg (read more about this wonderful organization on The Package page).

There is still lots to be done, but we think we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today is a sad anniversary. We are remembering a day in which the world fell apart and thirteen years later has still not managed to pull itself back together. Ignorance and want produce violence. bookaworld hopes to do its small part in ending that ignorance and want.

If you are out there reading this and would like to take part in our efforts, send us an email (see the Contact Us / Information link in the right-hand column) and let us know how you would like to help.

Our Second $5,000 -- And We're Off!

Mar 24, 2014
With the 501(c)(3) letter in our hands, we have begun reaching out to foundations for support. It's a long and difficult process, and we could use some help, if you are so inclined and have any experience in this area (or would like to gain some).

Meanwhile, we wrote a letter to our first benefactor, Dorothy Byrne, of The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, telling them we had finally received our tax-exempt status, and thanking them again for getting us going with their 2012 donation of $5,000 (see below), and what do you know, she sent us another $5,000!

So, ten thousand thanks to the Foundation and to Dorothy, and now we have what we think we need to get 101 eReader libraries to our first partners, Selamta Family Project, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we hope before the end of the year.

There are many opportunities to join the bookaworld family, and we would love to have you. Check out The People page for all the work we have to do.

bookaworld Has Arrived!

Mar 09, 2014
We're official! The IRS has granted bookaworld 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit corporation. Hereafter, bookaworld pays no income tax and contributors can deduct their donations from their income for their own tax purposes.

We have waited over a year and a half for this day. Though we have $5,000 in our account, we could not credibly go looking for more without a 501(c)(3). Now we can. I estimate we will need an additional $5,000 to make good on our pledge to provide children in Selamta families (see below) with eReaders containing the bookaworld library of at least 1,000 titles.

We need to acquire about 250 more titles, and I am particularly interested in getting help choosing those titles. They should favor books for children of all ages, and should be in the public domain. Project Gutenberg is the best place to look for these, as explained elsewhere on this web site. Can you help?

There are lots of other things you can do to help out this endeavor. Check out the The People page for more information on that.

Welcome, Teshome Berhanu!

Feb 02, 2013
Writer, editor, videographer, and publicist (among other callings), Teshome Berhanu proves that workaholics aren't only to be found in midtown Manhattan. Teshome lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is helping bookaworld with its outreach for Amharic resources. (Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia.) So far, he has donated one of his children's books, The Giraffe and the Rabbit, and will be donating more. He will also be helping us with Amharic translations of 55 Aesop's Fables we are producing in a side-by-side English/Amharic volume.

Thank you, Teshome, and welcome to the bookaworld family!

Welcome, AddisBooks!

Jan 19, 2013
Welcome to the newest member of the bookaworld family! AddisBooks is part of MerkatoMall.com, a collection of online stores offering products from merchants in Ethiopia and the USA.

In our outreach for translation services, AddisBooks has stepped up to the plate and will translate some Aesop's Fables into Amharic for a side-by-side English/Amharic book we are assembling for the bookaworld eReader library.

We hope other individuals and organizations will provide additional translation services, so we can assemble as many language-learning resources on our eReaders as possible. Many hands make light work!

Thank you, Addisbooks, for reaching out to help the children of Ethiopia.

Howdy, Pardner!

Nov 03, 2012
AIDS-ravaged Ethiopia produces many—far too many—widows and orphans. In 2005, a forward-thinking individual from Norwich, Vermont, had a brilliant idea: bring those widows and orphans together to form new, lasting families. Thus was born the Selamta Family Project (Selamta means “Be at peace,” in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia).

Today, Selamta supports over 100 children and their new mothers in safe, clean housing in and around Addis Ababa. The physical and mental health and the education of the children are carefully looked after by Selamta staff, and they are working to bring the Selamta model to additional populations in Ethiopia.

bookaworld is proud to partner with such a wonderful organization. We are hard at work seeking out Amharic resources for the bookaworld library, as well as additional funding, so that sometime in 2013 we can present all the Selamta children with their eReader libraries. (UPDATE: It took until 2016, but we did it!)

Our First $5,000!

Oct 27, 2012
“What a great idea!,” wrote Dorothy Byrne, in her cover letter accompanying our first $5,000 donation.

The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation of Etna, New Hampshire, is the most generous underwriter of worthy nonprofit endeavors in our area—the upper valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. We mailed them a letter of request on a Tuesday, and we had a check in our hands on Friday.

I wrote back, “On behalf of our Board, please accept my deepest gratitude for the faith you have shown in this venture. We will strive to be worthy of that faith, and I am confident bookaworld will soon begin to make a difference in the lives of children and in the world at large.”

And so we begin.

Hello, World!

Sep 22, 2012
Welcome to bookaworld, an all-volunteer effort with a simple mission: To place an eReader into the hands of every child in the world. And those eReaders will each contain a library of over 1,000 of the world’s most important, entertaining, educational, and inspiring books.

Reading informs, humanizes, and develops the mind and spirit. Yet billions of people have severely limited access to reading matter. Its delivery has, until now, been an onerous and expensive proposition, almost inconceivable on a global scale.

eReader devices and the Internet have changed that. Today, we can place a medium-sized library—the equivalent of 50 cartons of books on a six-ounce piece of hardware—into the hands of any individual for less than the cost of a few books. And if that person has access to the Internet, their small library becomes a huge one.

If we are to meet and overcome the challenges confronting our world today—political, economic, environmental—we must engage all the brain power we can. This means liberating our fellow beings from the scourges of ignorance and want. Education and the printed word are vital in enabling this liberation. bookaworld exploits a unique moment in history to support this effort. We hope thereby to help inspire and enable recipients of bookaworld eReaders to deliver themselves from ignorance and poverty, and, in time, to lead their villages, their towns, their nations, and their world to a peaceful and sustainable future.

In establishing bookaworld, we make the following pledges:

  • bookaworld will maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency;
  • bookaworld will devote every penny raised to purchasing the hardware (eReader, protective case, and power adapter) to be provided to the children, and for the shipping costs to get them there;
  • bookaworld will operate with all-volunteer labor and will assume all administrative expenses.
If you have a little time to devote to this endeavor, we would love to have you join us. Send us an email and tell us something about yourself and what role you might like to take on with bookaworld. If we grow to the extent we hope we will, there are many roles we would like to fill (see The People page).

If you want updates on bookaworld activities, send us an email or follow us on Twitter.

Let’s get together. Let’s save the world.

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