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The Package

The bookaworld eReader package will consist of an eReader with USB cable, a protective cover, and a power adapter that will allow battery charging from a standard outlet. bookaworld seeks advice on alternate recharging strategies for settings where neither a computer nor wall charge is available.

The bookaworld eReaders are stocked with over 1,000 titles, listed below. All are in the public domain.

The works are organized below by the Dewey Decimal System. Its ten main sections are shown in The Dewey Table of Contents below. Each of these ten sections can be divided into ten additional sections, or one hundred in all, and each of these can be divided into ten additional sections, or one thousand in all. For instance, Technology (600) can be expanded to 610 (Medicine), and Medicine can be expanded to 611 (Human anatomy); 612 (Human physiology); 613 (Personal health); etc. The Dewey system even uses decimal numbers to further subdivide categories. We will limit ourselves to the one hundred subsections of the ten main sections, except in 398 (Folklore) and 800 (Literature), where we separately display its various subsections such as poetry, fiction, drama, etc. Not all one hundred subcategories are represented in bookaworld. You may CLICK HERE to see a listing of all one thousand categories.

The books are listed roughly in the order they would be shelved in a physical library that follows the Dewey system. Titles that are not in English are in italics, followed by the language in parentheses.

We acknowledge and thank the invaluable resource Project Gutenberg (Michael S. Hart (1947-2011), founder), in acquiring these titles. The bookaworld collection would be far more difficult to assemble, if not impossible, without open access to the fruits of this excellent organization. As of late 2014, Project Gutenberg has digitized and made available over 50,000 titles in the public domain. CLICK HERE to donate to Project Gutenberg.

bookaworld books are placed in one or more collections on the eReaders, for easy browsing and to assign titles to age-specific audiences. We utilize the Dewey Decimal System for the classification of titles, and the following letter codes: A for adult and young adult and C for children approximately 0-10 years of age. These are not rigid categories. A "C" collection may be useful for children, young adults, and adults (and may only be suitable for reading to children); an "A" may be intended for younger adults.

bookaworld is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

The 1000+ Titles of bookaworld

The Dewey Table of Contents

000 General works, computer science, and information
100 Philosophy and psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
400 Language
500 Science
600 Technology
700 Arts and recreation
800 Literature
900 History and Geography

000 General works, computer science, and information top

Bibliographies (010)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Samuel FallowsA Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonymspg51155-images.mobi | pg51155-images.epub

Library science (020)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Melvil DeweyA Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and Arranging the Books and Pamphlets of a Librarypg12513.mobi | pg12513.epubA
Ernest Cushing RichardsonThe Beginnings of Librariespg49849-images.mobi | pg49849-images.epubA

Associations (060)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Henry M. RobertRobert’s Rules of Orderpg9097.mobi | pg9097.epubA

Publishing (070)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Grant Milner HydeNewspaper Reporting and Correspondencepg25968-images.mobi | pg25968-images.epubA
Marie LebertProject Gutenberg 4 July 1971 - 4 July 2011pg36616.mobi | pg36616.epubA
Frank ParsonsThe World’s Best Books: A Key to the Treasures of Literaturepg37795.mobi | pg37795.epubA

100 Philosophy top

General philosophy (100)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Bertrand RussellThe Problems of Philosophypg5827.mobi | pg5827.epubA
BoethiusThe Consolation of Philosophypg14328-images.mobi | pg14328-images.epubA
Friedrich SchillerAesthetical Essayspg6798.mobi | pg6798.epubA
Herbert SpencerEssays: Scientific, Political and Speculative: Volume Ipg29869.mobi | pg29869.epubA

Metaphysics (110)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
George SantayanaThe Sense of Beautypg26842-images.mobi | pg26842-images.epubA

Epistemology (120)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
George BerkeleyA Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledgepg4723.mobi | pg4723.epubA
David HumeAn Enquiry Concerning Human Understandingpg9662.mobi | pg9662.epubA
David HumeAn Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Moralspg4320.mobi | pg4320.epubA
Emmanuel KantCritique of Pure Reason (tr. by J.M.D. Meiklejohn)pg4280.mobi | pg4280.epubA
John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding, volume 1pg10615.mobi | pg10615.epubA
John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding, volume 2pg10616.mobi | pg10616.epubA
Bertrand RussellThe Analysis of Mindpg2529.mobi | pg2529.epubA

Specific philosophical schools (140)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
William JamesPragmatismpg5116.mobi | pg5116.epubA

Psychology (150)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Elsie and Ralph BenedictHow to Analyze People on Sightpg30601-images.mobi | pg30601-images.epubA
John DeweyHow We Thinkpg37421-images.mobi | pg37421-images.epubA
Havelock EllisStudies in the Psychology of Sex, volume 1pg13610.mobi | pg13610.epubA
Sigmund FreudDream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners (tr. by M.D. Eder)pg15489.mobi | pg15489.epubA
Sigmund FreudReflections on War and Death (tr. by A.A. Brill and Alfred B. Kuttner)pg35875.mobi | pg35875.epubA
C.G. JungCollected Papers on Analytical Psychologypg48225-images.mobi | pg48225-images.epubA
Robert S. WoodworthPsychologypg31382-images.mobi | pg31382-images.epubA

Logic (160)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
William Walker AtkinsonThe Art of Logical Thinkingpg41838-images.mobi | pg41838-images.epubA
John Stuart MillA System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductivepg27942.mobi | pg27942.epubA
Carveth ReadLogic Deductive and Inductivepg18440-images.mobi | pg18440-images.epubA

Ethics (170)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AristotleEthics (tr. by J.A. Smith)pg8438.mobi | pg8438.epubA
Immanuel KantFundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Moralspg5682.mobi | pg5682.epubA
John Stuart MillUtilitarianismpg11224.mobi | pg11224.epubA
PlutarchPlutarch’s Moralspg23639-images.mobi | pg23639-images.epubA
Benedictus de SpinozaThe Philosophy of Spinoza (ed. by Joseph Ratner)pg31205-images.mobi | pg31205-images.epubA

Ancient, medieval, and eastern philosophy (180)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Abelard, Peter (and Heloise)Letters of Abelard and Heloisepg35977.mobi | pg35977.epubA
Marcus AureliusMeditationspg2680.mobi | pg2680.epubA
ConfuciusThe Sayings of Confuciuspg24055.mobi | pg24055.epubA
EpictetusEnchiridionpg45109-images.mobi | pg45109-images.epubA
A.P. MukerjiThe Doctrine and Practice of Yogapg13300.mobi | pg13300.epubA
PlatoApology (tr. Benjamin Jowett)pg1656.mobi | pg1656.epubA
PlatoCrito (tr. Benjamin Jowett)pg1657.mobi | pg1657.epubA
PlatoPhaedo (tr. Benjamin Jowett)pg1658.mobi | pg1658.epubA
PlatoSymposium (tr. Benjamin Jowett)pg1600.mobi | pg1600.epubA

Modern western philosophy (190)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
René DescartesDiscourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truthpg59.mobi | pg59.epubA
René DescartesSelections from the Principles of Philosophypg4391.mobi | pg4391.epubA
Johan HuizingaErasmus and the Age of Reformationpg22900-images.mobi | pg22900-images.epubA
Friedrich NietzscheAlso sprach Zarathustra (German)pg7205.mobi | pg7205.epubA
Friedrich NietzscheThe Antichrist (tr. by H.L. Mencken)pg19322-images.mobi | pg19322-images.epubA
Friedrich NietzscheBeyond Good and Evil (tr. by Helen Zimmern)pg4363.mobi | pg4363.epubA
Friedrich NietzscheThus Spake Zarathustra (tr. by Thomas Common)pg1998.mobi | pg1998.epubA
George SantayanaThe Life of Reasonpg15000.mobi | pg15000.epubA
Arthur SchopenhauerThe Art of Literature (tr. by T. Bailey Saunders)pg10714.mobi | pg10714.epubA
Arthur SchopenhauerEssays of Schopenhauer (tr. by Mrs. Rudolf Dircks)pg11945.mobi | pg11945.epubA
Arthur SchopenhauerThe World as Will and Idea, volume 1 (tr. by R.B. Haldane and J. Kemp)pg38427-images.mobi | pg38427-images.epubA
Miguel de UnamunoTragic Sense of Lifepg14636.mobi | pg14636.epubA

200 Religion top

Bible (220)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
 The Bible (King James Version)pg10.mobi | pg10.epubA

Christian theology (230)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
G.K. ChestertonOrthodoxypg16769.mobi | pg16769.epubA
Robert G. IngersollThe Godspg38107.mobi | pg38107.epubA
Martin LutherNinety Five Thesespg274.mobi | pg274.epubA
M.M. MangasarianIs Life Worth Living Without Immortality?pg39455.mobi | pg39455.epubA
Blaise PascalPenséespg18269.mobi | pg18269.epubA

History of Christianity and Christian church (270)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Saint AugustineThe Confessions of Saint Augustine (tr. by Edward Bouverie Pusey)pg3296.mobi | pg3296.epubA

Christian denominations and sects (280)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
John Henry Cardinal NewmanApologia Pro Vita Suapg22088.mobi | pg22088.epubA

Other religions (290)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Hebraic Literature: Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala (ed. by Maurice Henry Harris)pg14368.mobi | pg14368.epubA
The Koran (tr. by J.M. Rodwell)pg3434.mobi | pg3434.epubA
The Mahabharata (tr. by Kisari Mohan Ganguli)pg7864.mobi | pg7864.epubA
The Song Celestial, or, Bhagavad-Gita (tr. by Edwin Arnold)pg2388.mobi | pg2388.epubA
Thomas BulfinchBulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Chivalrypg4926.mobi | pg4926.epubA
Thomas BulfinchBulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Fablepg3327.mobi | pg3327.epubA
Edward S. Ellis1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Describedpg42474-images.mobi | pg42474-images.epubA
H.A. GuerberMyths of the Norsemenpg28497-images.mobi | pg28497-images.epubA
James George FrazerThe Golden Boughpg3623.mobi | pg3623.epubA
William JamesThe Varieties of Religious Experiencepg621.mobi | pg621.epubA
Charles KingsleyThe Heroespg677-images.mobi | pg677-images.epubA
Hamilton Wright Mabie, ed.Young Folks’ Treasure, volume II, Myths and Legendary Heroespg15202-images.mobi | pg15202-images.epubC

300 Social sciences top

Social sciences (300)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Matthew ArnoldCulture and Anarchypg4212.mobi | pg4212.epubA
Benjamin BrawleyA Social History of the American Negropg12101.mobi | pg12101.epubA
W.E.B. Du BoisThe Conservation of Racespg5685.mobi | pg5685.epubA
W.E.B. Du BoisDarkwater: Voices From Within the Veilpg15210.mobi | pg15210.epubA
W.E.B. Du BoisThe Negropg15359-images.mobi | pg15359-images.epubA
Charles LyellThe Antiquity of Manpg6335-images.mobi | pg6335-images.epubA
T.R. MalthusAn Essay on the Principle of Populationpg4239.mobi | pg4239.epubA
VatsyayanaThe Kama Sutrapg27827.mobi | pg27827.epubA
Thorstein VeblenThe Theory of the Leisure Classpg833.mobi | pg833.epubA
Henry B. WheatleyThe Story of Londonpg46618-images.mobi | pg46618-images.epubA
Mary WollstonecraftA Vindication of the Rights of Womenpg3420.mobi | pg3420.epubA

Political science (320)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Norman AngellThe Great Illusionpg38535-images.mobi | pg38535-images.epubA
AristotlePolitics (tr. by William Ellis)pg6762.mobi | pg6762.epubA
Frederic BastiatEssays on Political Economypg15962.mobi | pg15962.epubA
Louis Brandeis and Samuel WarrenThe Right to Privacypg37368.mobi | pg37368.epubA
Edmund BurkeSelections from the Speeches and Writingspg3286.mobi | pg3286.epubA
Alexis de TocquevilleDemocracy in America, volume 1 (tr. by Henry Reeve)pg815.mobi | pg815.epubA
Alexis de TocquevilleDemocracy in America, volume 2 (tr. by Henry Reeve)pg816.mobi | pg816.epubA
Emile FaguetThe Cult of Incompetence (tr. by Beatrice Barstow)pg27368.mobi | pg27368.epubA
Thomas HobbesLeviathanpg3207.mobi | pg3207.epubA
John LockeSecond Treatise of Governmentpg7370.mobi | pg7370.epubA
Niccolò MachiavelliThe Prince (tr. by W.K. Marriott)pg1232.mobi | pg1232.epubA
John Stuart MillConsiderations on Representative Governmentpg5669.mobi | pg5669.epubA
John Stuart MillOn Libertypg34901.mobi | pg34901.epubA
John MiltonAreopagiticapg608.mobi | pg608.epubA
Thomas PaineThe Age of Reasonpg3743.mobi | pg3743.epubA
Thomas PaineCommon Sensepg147.mobi | pg147.epubA
PlatoThe Republic (tr. Benjamin Jowett)pg1497.mobi | pg1497.epubA
Elihu RootExperiments in Government and the Essentials of the Constitutionpg10485.mobi | pg10485.epubA
Bertrand RussellPolitical Idealspg4776.mobi | pg4776.epubA
Lysander SpoonerNo Treasonpg36145.mobi | pg36145.epubA

Economics (330)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Frederick Engels and Karl MarxThe Communist Manifestopg31193.mobi | pg31193.epubA
Emma GoldmanAnarchism and Other Essayspg2162.mobi | pg2162.epubA
John Stuart MillPrinciples of Political Economypg30107-images.mobi | pg30107-images.epubA
Thomas MoreUtopiapg2130.mobi | pg2130.epubA
Adam SmithAn Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nationspg3300.mobi | pg3300.epubA

Law (340)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Walter BagehotThe English Constituionpg4351.mobi | pg4351.epubA
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay
James Madison
The Federalist Paperspg1404.mobi | pg1404.epubA
HammurabiThe Code of Hammurabi (tr. by C.H.W. Johns)pg17150.mobi | pg17150.epubA
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.The Path of the Lawpg2373.mobi | pg2373.epubA
Thomas JeffersonThe Declaration of Independence of the United States of Americapg16780.mobi | pg16780.epubA
Charles de Secondat MontesquieuEsprit des lois (French)pg27573.mobi | pg27573.epubA
Edward Abbott ParryThe Law and the Poorpg36045.mobi | pg36045.epubA
VariousThe Constitution of the United States of America, with Analysis and Interpretation (Edward Corwin, ed.)pg18637.mobi | pg18637.epubA

Public administration (350)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Carl von ClausewitzOn Warpg1946.mobi | pg1946.epubA
Lincoln SteffensThe Shame of the Citiespg54710-images.mobi | pg54710-images.epubA
Sun TzuThe Art of Warpg17405.mobi | pg17405.epubA

Social services (360)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Jane AddamsTwenty Years at Hull Housepg1325.mobi | pg1325.epubA
Clarence DarrowCrime: Its Cause and Treatmentpg12027.mobi | pg12027.epubA

Education (370)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Lane CooperLouis Agassiz as a Teacherpg7020.mobi | pg7020.epubA
John DeweyDemocracy and Educationpg852.mobi | pg852.epubA
Thomas Henry HuxleyScience and Educationpg7150.mobi | pg7150.epubA
Maria MontessoriThe Montessori Method (tr. by Anne E. George)pg39863-images .mobi | pg39863-images .epubA
Jean-Jacques RousseauEmile, or, On Education (Extracts)pg30433.mobi | pg30433.epubA
Herbert SpencerEssays on Education and Kindred Subjectspg16510.mobi | pg16510.epubA

Customs, etiquette (390)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Cecil B. HartleyThe Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politenesspg39293.mobi | pg39293.epubA
Florence HartleyThe Ladies’ Book of Etiquettepg35123.mobi | pg35123.epubA
Emily PostEtiquettepg14314.mobi | pg14314.epubA
George WashingtonRules of Civilitypg12029.mobi | pg12029.epubA

Folklore (398)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AesopAesop’s Fablespg28.mobi | pg28.epubC
AesopAesop’s Fables, a New Translation (tr. by V.S. Vernon Jones)pg11339-images.mobi | pg11339-images.epubC
AesopThe Aesop for Childrenpg19994-images.mobi | pg19994-images.epubC
L. Leslie BrookThe Golden Goose Bookpg15661-images.mobi | pg15661-images.epubC
L. Leslie BrookA Nursery Rhyme Picture Bookpg20652-images.mobi | pg20652-images.epubC
Randolph CaldecottHey Diddle Diddle and Baby Buntingpg19177-images.mobi | pg19177-images.epubC
Randolph CaldecottThe House That Jack Builtpg12109-images.mobi | pg12109-images.epubC
Walter CraneAn Alphabet of Old Friendspg17282-images.mobi | pg17282-images.epubC
W. W. DenslowDenslow’s Mother Goosepg18546-images.mobi | pg18546-images.epubC
W. W. DenslowDenslow’s Three Bearspg19772-images.mobi | pg19772-images.epubC
Dean Spruill FanslerFilipino Popular Talespg8299.mobi | pg8299.epubC
Ruth H. FinneganOral Literature in AfricaOral_Literature_in_Africa.mobi | Oral_Literature_in_Africa.epubA
Kate GreenawayMother Goose or The Old Nursery Rhymespg23794-images.mobi | pg23794-images.epubC
Jacob and Wilhelm GrimmGrimm’s Fairy Tales (tr. by Edgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes)pg2591.mobi | pg2591.epubC
Joseph Jacobs (compiler)English Fairy Talespg7439.mobi | pg7439.epubC
Joseph Jacobs (compiler)Indian Fairy Talespg7128.mobi | pg7128.epubC
Anne and E. KearyThe Heroes of Asgardpg41283-images.mobi | pg41283-images.epubC
Charles KingsleyThe Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Babypg25564-images.mobi | pg25564-images.epubC
Andrew LangThe Blue Fairy Bookpg503.mobi | pg503.epubC
Andrew LangThe Red Fairy Bookpg540.mobi | pg540.epubC
Andrew Lang, ed.The Green Fairy Bookpg33571.mobi | pg33571.epubC
Andrew Lang, ed.The Nursery Rhyme Bookpg26197-images.mobi | pg26197-images.epubC
Hamilton Wright Mabie, et al., eds.Childhood’s Favorites and Fairy Storiespg19993-images.mobi | pg19993-images.epubC
Mother GooseThe Real Mother Goosepg10607-images.mobi | pg10607-images.epubC
Katherine PyleTales of Folk and Fairiespg25913-images.mobi | pg25913-images.epubC
W.R.S. RalstonRussian Fairy Talespg22373-images.mobi | pg22373-images.epubC
James StephensIrish Fairy Talespg2892.mobi | pg2892.epubC
E.T.C. WernerThe Myths and Legends of Chinapg15250.mobi | pg15250.epubC
Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora Smith, eds.The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales (ill. by Maxfield Parrish)pg20916-images.mobi | pg20916-images.epubC

400 Language top

Linguistics (410)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Richard Chevenix TrenchOn the Study of Wordspg6480.mobi | pg6480.epubA
Thomas WoodPractical Grammar and Compositionpg22577-images.mobi | pg22577-images.epubC

English and old English (420)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AnonymousHarry’s Ladder to Learningpg24644-images.mobi | pg24644-images.epubC
AnonymousThe Little Mother Goose (ill. by Jessie Wilcox Smith)pg20511-images.mobi | pg20511-images.epubC
William Baskervill and James SewellAn English Grammarpg14006.mobi | pg14006.epubA
Ambrose BierceThe Devil’s Dictionarypg972.mobi | pg972.epubA
Sofronio G. CalderónDiccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalogpg20738.mobi | pg20738.epubA
James FernaldEnglish Synonyms and Antonymspg28900-images.mobi | pg28900-images.epubA
James H. FassettThe Beacon Second Readerpg15659-images.mobi | pg15659-images.epubC
Oliver HerfordThe Peter Pan Alphabetpg24012-images.mobi | pg24012-images.epubC
Joseph Martin KronheimMy First Picture Bookpg18937-images.mobi | pg18937-images.epubC
William Holmes McGuffeyMcGuffey’s Eclectic Primer, Revised Editionpg14642.mobi | pg14642.epubC
William Holmes McGuffeyThe New McGuffey First Readerpg1489.mobi | pg1489.epubC
McLoughin BrothersBaseball ABCpg19619-images.mobi | pg19619-images.epubC
H.L. MenckenThe American Languagepg43376-images.mobi | pg43376-images.epubA
Oliver SpaffordThe Picture Alphabetpg10742-images.mobi | pg10742-images.epubC

Latin (470)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Benjamin L. D’OogeLatin for Beginnerspg18251.mobi | pg18251.epubA

500 Science top

Natural sciences (500)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Walter BagehotPhysics and Politicspg4350.mobi | pg4350.epubA
Arabella BuckleyThe Fairy-Land of Sciencepg5726.mobi | pg5726.epubC
Arabella BuckleyThrough Magic Glasses and Other Lecturespg37589-images.mobi | pg37589-images.epubC
Charles KingsleyMadam How and Lady Whypg1697.mobi | pg1697.epubC
J. Arthur ThomsonThe Outline of Science, volume 1pg20417-images.mobi | pg20417-images.epubA
Henry Smith Williams and Henry D.WilliamsA History of Science, volume 1pg1705.mobi | pg1705.epubA
Henry Smith Williams and Henry D.WilliamsA History of Science, volume 2pg1706.mobi | pg1706.epubA
Henry Smith Williams and Henry D.WilliamsA History of Science, volume 3pg1707.mobi | pg1707.epubA
Henry Smith Williams and Henry D.WilliamsA History of Science, volume 4pg1708.mobi | pg1708.epubA
Henry Smith Williams and Henry D.WilliamsA History of Science, volume 5pg30495.mobi | pg30495.epubA

Mathematics (510)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
ArchimedesGeometrical Solutions Derived from Mechanicspg7825.mobi | pg7825.epubA

Astronomy (520)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Richard A. ProctorHalf-Hours with the Telescopepg16767-images.mobi | pg16767-images.epubA
Richard A. ProctorMyths and Marvels of Astronomypg26556-images.mobi | pg26556-images.epubA

Physics (530)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Albert EinsteinRelativity: The Special and General Theorypg5001.mobi | pg5001.epubA
Michael FaradayExperimental Researches in Electricity, volume 1pg14986-images.mobi | pg14986-images.epubA

Chemistry and allied sciences (540)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Antoine LavoisierElements of Chemistry (tr. by Robert Kerr)pg30775-images.mobi | pg30775-images.epubA

Earth sciences (550)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
John BurroughsWays of Naturepg30249-images.mobi | pg30249-images.epubC
Charles LyellPrinciples of Geologypg33224-images.mobi | pg33224-images.epubA

Life sciences (570)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
John BurroughsBirds and Bees, Sharp Eyes, and Other Paperspg3163.mobi | pg3163.epubC
Charles DarwinOn the Origin of Species, 6th editionpg2009.mobi | pg2009.epubA
Charles DarwinThe Voyage of the Beaglepg3704-images.mobi | pg3704-images.epubA

Plants (580)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Asa GrayThe Elements of Botanypg33757-images.mobi | pg33757-images.epubA

Animals (590)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
T.H. HuxleyMan’s Place in Nature and Other Essayspg40257-images.mobi | pg40257-images.epubC
Edith Brown KirkwoodAnimal Childrenpg17782.mobi | pg17782.epubC
Rufus MerrillBook About Animalspg10737-images.mobi | pg10737-images.epubC

600 Technology top

Technology (600)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Joshua RoseMechanical Drawing Self-Taughtpg23319-images.mobi | pg23319-images.epubA

Medicine and health (610)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
R.B. ArmitagePrivate Sex Advice to Womenpg40623-images.mobi | pg40623-images.epubA
Robert BurtonThe Anatomy of Melancholypg10800-images.mobi | pg10800-images.epubA
Mary Ware DennettThe Sex Side of Lifepg31732-images.mobi | pg31732-images.epubA
Mahatma GandhiA Guide to Healthpg40373-images.mobi | pg40373-images.epubA
Florence NightingaleNotes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Notpg17366-images.mobi | pg17366-images.epubA
Margaret SangerFamily Limitationpg31790-images.mobi | pg31790-images.epubA

Engineering and allied operations (620)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Charles BabbageOn the Economy of Machinery and Manufacturespg4238.mobi | pg4238.epubA

Home economics and family living (640)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Jean Anthelme Brillat-SavarinLe physiologie de goût (French)pg22741.mobi | pg22741.epubA
Jean Anthelme Brillat-SavarinThe Physiology of Taste (tr. by Fayette Robinson)pg5434.mobi | pg5434.epubA

Management and auxiliary services (650)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Arnold BennettHow to Live on 24 Hours a Daypg2274.mobi | pg2274.epubA
Lewis K. Urquhart and Herbert WatsonThe Knack of Managingpg39761-images.mobi | pg39761-images.epubA

700 Arts and recreation top

The arts; fine and decorative arts (700)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Leonardo da VinciThe Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (tr. by Jean Paul Richter)pg5000.mobi | pg5000.epubA
John RuskinSelectionspg15200.mobi | pg15200.epubA

Architecture (720)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Vitruvius PollioThe Ten Books on Architecturepg20239.mobi | pg20239.epubA

Drawing and decorative arts (740)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Aubrey BeardsleyThe Art of Aubrey Beardsleypg50171.mobi | pg50171.epubA
Harold SpeedThe Practice and Science of Drawingpg14264-images.mobi | pg14264-images.epubA

Painting and paintings (750)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Bernard BerensonThe Florentine Painters of the Renaissancepg17408-images.mobi | pg17408-images.epubA

Graphic arts; printmaking and prints (760)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
William BlakeIllustrations of the Book of Jobpg30526.mobi | pg30526.epubA

Music (780)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
George W. ClarkThe Liberty Minstrelpg22089-images.mobi | pg22089-images.epubA
Claude DebussyClair de Lune (audio)10181-m-001.mp3C
Lilli LehmannHow to Singpg19116-images.mobi | pg19116-images.epubA
Luisa Tetrazzini and Enrico CarusoThe Art of Singingpg20069-images.mobi | pg20069-images.epubA
VariousNegro Folk Rhymes (Thomas W. Talley, ed.)pg27195-images.mobi | pg27195-images.epubA

Recreational and performing arts (790)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Henry BursillHand Shadows to Be Thrown upon the Wall12962-images.mobi | 12962-images.epubC
Howard StauntonThe Blue Book of Chesspg16377-images.mobi | pg16377-images.epubC

800 Literature top

Literature, rhetoric, and criticism (800)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AristotleThe Poetics (tr. by S.H. Butcher)pg1974.mobi | pg1974.epubA
John BartlettFamiliar Quotationspg16732-images.mobi | pg16732-images.epubA
Henri BergsonLaughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic (tr. by Cloudesley Brereton and Fred Rothwell)pg4352.mobi | pg4352.epubA
Dale CarnegieThe Art of Public Speakingpg16317.mobi | pg16317.epubA
William Bryan Forbush, et al., eds.Boys and Girls Bookshelf, volume 2pg29386-images.mobi | pg29386-images.epubC
OvidMetamorphoses, v1-vii (tr. by Henry T. Riley)pg21765.mobi | pg21765.epubA
Walter PaterThe Renaissancepg2398.mobi | pg2398.epubA
William Patten, ed.The Junior Classics, volume 1pg3152.mobi | pg3152.epubC
J. Purver Richardson, compilerLife and Literaturepg30373-images.mobi | pg30373-images.epubA
William StrunkThe Elements of Stylepg37134-images.mobi | pg37134-images.epubA
VariousThe Book Lovers’ Anthologypg46609-images.mobi | pg46609-imaages.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 1 (Greece) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg20907-images.mobi | pg20907-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 2 (Rome) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg21629-images.mobi | pg21629-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 3 (Great Britain and Ireland I) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg21679-images.mobi | pg21679-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 4 (Great Britain and Ireland II) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg21775-images.mobi | pg21775-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 5 (Great Britain and Ireland III) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg22182-images.mobi | pg22182-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 6 (Great Britain and Ireland IV) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg23971-images.mobi | pg23971-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 7 (Continental Europe I) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg24563-images.mobi | pg24563-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 8 (Continental Europe II) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg25751-images.mobi | pg25751-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 9 (America I) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg28653-images.mobi | pg28653-images.epubA
VariousThe Best of the World’s Classics, volume 10 (America II/Index) (Henry Cabot Lodge, ed.)pg29145-images.mobi | pg29145-images.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 1 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg12369.mobi | pg12369.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 2 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg12788.mobi | pg12788.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 3 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg13028.mobi | pg13028.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 4 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg13220.mobi | pg13220.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 5 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg13520.mobi | pg13520.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 6 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg13623.mobi | pg13623.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 7 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg28684.mobi | pg28684.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 8 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg33385.mobi | pg33385.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 9 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg34224.mobi | pg34224.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 11 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg25015.mobi | pg25015.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 12 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg32308.mobi | pg32308.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 13 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg34408.mobi | pg34408.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 15 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg33027.mobi | pg33027.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Literature, volume 16 (Charles Warner Dudley, ed.)pg33624.mobi | pg33624.epubA
VariousLibrary of the World’s Best Mystery and Detective Storiespg12758-images.mobi | pg12758-images.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 1 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg10471.mobi | pg10471.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 2 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg10643.mobi | pg10643.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 3 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg10748.mobi | pg10748.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 4 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg10921.mobi | pg10921.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 5 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg10993.mobi | pg10993.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 6 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg11180.mobi | pg11180.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 7 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg11527.mobi | pg11527.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 8 (Fiction) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg11659.mobi | pg11659.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 9 (Lives and Letters) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg12059.mobi | pg12059.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 10 (Lives and Letters) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg12572.mobi | pg12572.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 11 (Ancient and Medieval History) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg12745.mobi | pg12745.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 12 (Modern History) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg12845.mobi | pg12845.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 13 (Religion and Philosophy) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg13620.mobi | pg13620.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 14 (Philosophy and Economics) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg25009-images.mobi | pg25009-images.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 15 (Science) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg25509-images.mobi | pg25509-images.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 17 (Poetry and Drama) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg44640-images.mobi | pg44640-images.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 19 (Travel and Adventure) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg23998-images.mobi | pg23998-images.epubA
VariousThe World’s Greatest Books (excerpts), volume 20 (Miscellaneous Literature and Index) (Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, eds.)pg44704-images.mobi | pg44704-images.epubA

American literature (810)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
H.L. MenckenA Book of Prefacespg19355.mobi | pg19355.epubA
Mark TwainA Tramp Abroadpg119.mobi | pg119.epubA

American poetry (811)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Conrad Aiken, et al.American Poetry, 1922pg25880-images.mobi | pg25880-images.epubA
Emily DickinsonPoems, Three Series, Completepg12242.mobi | pg12242.epubA
Mary Mapes DodgeRhymes and Jinglespg46486-images.mobi | pg46486-images.epubC
Paul Laurence DunbarComplete Poemspg18338.mobi | pg18338.epubA
Robert FrostNorth of Bostonpg3026.mobi | pg3026.epubA
Oliver HerfordThe Kitten’s Garden of Versespg23433-images.mobi | pg23433-images.epubC
James Weldon JohnsonFifty Years and Other Poemspg17884-images.mobi | pg17884-images.epubA
Henry Wadsworth LongfellowComplete Poemspg1365.mobi | pg1365.epubA
James Russell LowellComplete Poetical Workspg13310.mobi | pg13310.epubA
Edgar Lee MastersSpoon River Anthologypg1280.mobi | pg1280.epubA
Edna St. Vincent MillayRenascence and Other Poemspg109.mobi | pg109.epubA
Clement Clarke MooreTwas the Night Before Christmaspg17135-images.mobi | pg17135-images.epubC
Edgar Allan PoeComplete Poetical Workspg10031-images.mobi | pg10031-images.epubA
Edgar Allan PoeLe Corbeau/The Raven (ill. by Edouard Manet)pg14082-images.mobi | pg14082-images.epubA
Robert W. ServiceThe Spell of the Yukon and Other Versespg207.mobi | pg207.epubA
VariousThe Book of American Negro Poetry (James Weldon Johnson, ed.)pg11986.mobi | pg11986.epubA
Walt WhitmanLeaves of Grasspg1322.mobi | pg1322.epubA
John Greenleaf WhittierSnow-Bound and Other Poemspg9571.mobi | pg9571.epubA

American drama (812)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Susan GlaspellPlayspg10623.mobi | pg10623.epubA
Eugene O’NeillThe Hairy Apepg4015.mobi | pg4015.epubA

American fiction (813)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Eleanor Hallowell AbbottPeace on Earth, Good Will to Dogspg20213-images.mobi | pg20213-images.epubC
Ade, GeorgeFables in Slangpg25322-images.mobi | pg25322-images.epubA
Louisa May AlcottJo’s Boyspg3499.mobi | pg3499.epubC
Louisa May AlcottLittle Menpg2788.mobi | pg2788.epubC
Louisa May AlcottLittle Womenpg514.mobi | pg514.epubC
Thomas Bailey AldrichThe Story of a Bad Boypg1948.mobi | pg19484.epubC
Horatio Alger, Jr. Ragged Dick, or, Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blackspg5348.mobi | pg5348.epubC
Sherwood AndersonWinesburg, Ohiopg416.mobi | pg416.epubA
T.S. ArthurTen Nights in a Bar Roompg4744.mobi | pg4744.epubA
Isaac AsimovYouthpg31547-images.mobi | pg31547-images.epubC
Frank L. BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Ozpg55.mobi | pg55.epubC
Edward BellamyLooking Backwardpg25439-images.mobi | pg25439-images.epubA
Ambrose BierceAn Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridgepg375.mobi | pg375.epubA
Earl Derr BiggersSeven Keys to Baldpatepg30836.mobi | pg30836.epubA
Max BrandGunman’s Reckoningpg10066.mobi | pg10066.epubA
Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures of Old Mr. Toadpg12630-images.mobi | pg12630-images.epubC
Frances Hodgson BurnettLittle Lord Fauntleroypg479.mobi | pg479.epubC
Frances Hodgson BurnettA Little Princesspg146.mobi | pg146.epubC
Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Gardenpg17396-images.mobi | pg17396-images.epubC
Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Land That Time Forgotpg551.mobi | pg551.epubC
Edgar Rice BurroughsA Princess of Marspg62-images.mobi | pg62-images.epubC
Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan of the Apespg78.mobi | pg78.epubC
Willa CatherMy Ántoniapg19810-images.mobi | pg19810-images.epubA
Willa CatherO, Pioneers!pg24.mobi | pg24.epubA
Robert W. ChambersThe King in Yellowpg8492.mobi | pg8492.epubC
Robert W. ChambersThe Mysteries of Choicepg46581.mobi | pg46581.epubC
Kate ChopinThe Awakening and Selected Short Storiespg160.mobi | pg160.epubA
James Fenimore CooperThe Deerslayerpg3285.mobi | pg3285.epubA
James Fenimore CooperThe Last of the Mohicanspg940.mobi | pg940.epubA
James Fenimore CooperThe Spypg9845.mobi | pg9845.epubA
Stephen CraneMaggie, A Girl of the Streetspg447.mobi | pg447.epubA
Stephen CraneThe Open Boat, and Other Storiespg45524.mobi | pg45524.epubA
Stephen CraneThe Red Badge of Couragepg73.mobi | pg73.epubA
Richard Henry DanaTwo Years Before the Mastpg4277.mobi | pg4277.epubA
Philip K. DickBeyond the Doorpg28644-images.mobi | pg28644-images.epubA
Philip K. DickSecond Varietypg32032-images.mobi | pg32032-images.epubA
Philip K. DickThe Eyes Have Itpg31516.mobi | pg31516.epubA
Mary Mapes DodgeHans Brinker, or, the Silver Skatespg764.mobi | pg764.epubC
Theodore DreiserSister Carriepg233.mobi | pg233.epubA
Paul Laurence DunbarThe Strength of Gideon and Other Storiespg15886-images.mobi | pg15886-images.epubA
F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Beautiful and Damnedpg9830.mobi | pg9830.epubA
F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradisepg805.mobi | pg805.epubA
Ford Madox FordThe Good Soldierpg2775.mobi | pg2775.epubA
Ruth Stiles GannettMy Father’s Dragonpg30017-images.mobi | pg30017-images.epubC
Hamlin GarlandMain-Travelled Roadspg2809.mobi | pg2809.epubA
Zane GrayRiders of the Purple Sagepg1300.mobi | pg1300.epubA
Johnny GruelleRaggedy Ann Storiespg18190-images.mobi | pg18190-images.epubC
Edward Everett HaleThe Man Without a Countrypg16493.mobi | pg16493.epubA
Bret HarteThe Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Talespg6373.mobi | pg6373.epubA
Nathaniel HawthorneHouse of the Seven Gablespg77.mobi | pg77.epubA
Nathaniel HawthorneTwice Told Talespg13707.mobi | pg13707.epubA
Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letterpg25344-images.mobi | pg25344-images.epubA
Nathaniel HawthorneThe Wonder Book and Tanglewood Talespg35377-images.mobi | pg35377-images.epubC
O. HenryThe Four Millionpg2776.mobi | pg2776.epubA
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Tablepg751.mobi | pg751.epubA
William Dean HowellsA Hazard of New Fortunespg4600.mobi | pg4600.epubA
William Dean HowellsThe Rise of Silas Laphampg154.mobi | pg154.epubA
Washington IrvingThe Legend of Sleepy Hollowpg41.mobi | pg41.epubC
Henry JamesThe Ambassadorspg432.mobi | pg432.epubA
Henry JamesDaisy Millerpg208.mobi | pg208.epubA
Henry JamesThe Golden Bowlpg4264.mobi | pg4264.epubA
Henry JamesThe Portrait of a Lady, volume 1pg2833.mobi | pg2833.epubA
Henry JamesThe Portrait of a Lady, volume 2pg2834.mobi | pg2834.epubA
Henry JamesThe Turn of the Screwpg209.mobi | pg209.epubA
Sarah Orne JewettThe Country of the Pointed Firspg367.mobi | pg367.epubA
Sarah Orne JewettDeephaven and Selected Storiespg15985.mobi | pg15985.epubA
James Weldon JohnsonThe Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Manpg11012.mobi | pg11012.epubA
William Henry Giles KingstonPeter the Whalerpg21474.mobi | pg21474.epubA
Ring LardnerGullible’s Travels, etc.pg35162.mobi | pg35162.epubA
Sinclair LewisBabbittpg1156.mobi | pg1156.epubA
Sinclair LewisMain Streetpg543.mobi | pg543.epubA
Jack LondonThe Call of the Wildpg215.mobi | pg215.epubC
Jack LondonMartin Edenpg1056.mobi | pg1056.epubA
Jack LondonThe Sea Wolfpg1074.mobi | pg1074.epubC
Jack LondonWhite Fangpg910.mobi | pg910.epubC
H.P. LovecraftThe Shunned Housepg31469-images.mobi | pg31469-images.epubA
Herman MelvilleBartelby, The Scrivenerpg11231.mobi | pg11231.epubA
Herman MelvilleMoby Dickpg2701.mobi | pg2701.epubA
L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gablespg45.mobi | pg45.epubC
L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Avonleapg47.mobi | pg47.epubC
L.M. MontgomeryAnne of the Islandpg51.mobi | pg51.epubC
Frank NorrisMcTeaguepg165.mobi | pg165.epubA
Frank NorrisThe Octopus, A Story of Californiapg268.mobi | pg268.epubA
Frank NorrisThe Pit, A Story of Chicagopg4382.mobi | pg4382.epubA
Edgar Allan PoeThe Works of Edgar Allan Poe, volume 1pg2147.mobi | pg2147.epubA
Edgar Allan PoeThe Works of Edgar Allan Poe, volume 2pg2148.mobi | pg2148.epubA
Edgar Allan PoeThe Works of Edgar Allan Poe, volume 3pg2149.mobi | pg2149.epubA
John William PolidoriThe Vampyrepg6087.mobi | pg6087.epubA
Eleanor H. PorterPollyannapg1450.mobi | pg1450.epubC
Ayn RandAnthempg1250.mobi | pg1250.epubA
Mary Roberts RinehartThe Batpg2019.mobi | pg2019.epubA
Margaret SidneyFive Little Peppers and How They Grewpg2770.mobi | pg2770.epubC
Upton SinclairThe Junglepg140.mobi | pg140.epubA
Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom’s Cabinpg203.mobi | pg203.epubA
Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom’s Cabin (Young Folks Edition)pg11171-images.mobi | pg11171-images.epubC
Gene Stratton-PorterGirl of the Limberlostpg125.mobi | pg125.epubA
Mark TwainDie Abenteuer Tom Sawyers (German)pg30165.mobi | pg30165.epubC
Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finnpg76-images.mobi | pg76-images.epubC
Mark TwainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyerpg74-images.mobi | pg74-images.epubC
Mark TwainA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Courtpg86.mobi | pg86.epubA
Mark TwainEve’s Diary, Completepg8525.mobi | pg8525.epubA
Mark TwainThe Mysterious Strangerpg3186.mobi | pg3186.epubA
Mark TwainThe Prince and the Pauperpg1837.mobi | pg1837.epubC
Mark TwainThe $30,000 Bequest and Other Storiespg142.mobi | pg142.epubA
Mark TwainThe Tragedy of Pudd಑nhead Wilsonpg102.mobi | pg102.epubA
VariousChildren’s Literature: A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher-Training Classes (Charles M. Curry and Erle E. Clippinger, eds.)pg25545-images.mobi | pg25545-images.epubA
Lew WallaceBen Hur: A Tale of the Christpg2145.mobi | pg2145.epubA
Carolyn WellsThe Cluepg54869-images.mobi | pg54869-images.epubA
Edith WhartonThe Age of Innocencepg541.mobi | pg541.epubA
Edith WhartonEthan Fromepg4517.mobi | pg4517.epubA
Edith WhartonThe House of Mirthpg284.mobi | pg284.epubA
Kate Douglas WigginRebecca of Sunnybrook Farmpg498.mobi | pg498.epubC
Harry Leon WilsonRuggles of Red Gappg9151.mobi | pg9151.epubA
Owen WisterThe Virginianpg1298.mobi | pg1298.epubA

American essays (814)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Ralph Waldo EmersonEssayspg16643-images.mobi | pg16643-images.epubA
Finley Peter DunneMr. Dooley in Peace and Warpg22537.mobi | .epubA
Brander Matthews, ed.The Oxford Book of American Essayspg40196.mobi | pg40196.epubA
Henry David ThoreauCivil Disobediencepg71.mobi | pg71.epubA
Henry David ThoreauWaldenpg205.mobi | pg205.epubA
Henry David ThoreauA Week on the Concord and Merrimack Riverspg4232.mobi | pg4232.epubA

American humor (817)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Franklin P. AdamsSomething Else Againpg26797-images.mobi | pg26797-images.epubA
Franklin P. AdamsToboganing on Parnassuspg6122.mobi | pg6122.epubA
Robert BenchleyLove Conquers Allpg15851-images.mobi | pg15851-images.epubA
Robert BenchleyOf All Thingspg37660-images.mobi | pg37660-images.epubA
Ring LardnerYou Know Me, Al: A Busher’s Letterspg52670-images.mobi | pg52670-images.epubA
G.G. Putnam, et al.Nonsenseorshippg6678.mobi | pg6678.epubA
Mark TwainFenimore Cooper’s Literary Offensespg3172.mobi | pg3172.epubA
Susan Darling Safford (collector)Quaint Epitaphspg22518.mobi | pg22518.epubA
Kurt Vonnegut2 B R 0 2 Bpg21279.mobi | pg21279.epubA

American miscellaneous writings (818)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
H.L. MenckenPrejudices, First Seriespg53538.mobi | pg53538.epubA
H.L. MenckenPrejudices, Second Seriespg53467.mobi | pg53467.epubA
H.L. MenckenPrejudices, Third Seriespg53474.mobi | pg53474.epubA
Mark TwainLife on the Mississippipg245.mobi | pg245.epubC

English and old English literatures (820)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
William J. LongEnglish Literaturepg10609.mobi | pg10609.epubA
UnknownBeowulf (tr. by J. Lesslie Hall)pg16328.mobi | pg16328.epubA

English poetry (821)

The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 1The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 2The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 3The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 4The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 5The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 6The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 7The Collected Works in Verse and Prose, volume 8
AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Matthew ArnoldPoetical Works of Matthew Arnoldpg27739.mobi | pg27739.epubA
Hilaire BellocA Bad Child’s Book of Beasts27175.mobi | 27175.epubC
Hilaire BellocCautionary Tales for Childrenpg27424-images.mobi | pg27424-images.epubC
William BlakeSongs of Innocence and Experiencepg1934.mobi | pg1934.epubA
Rubert BrookeThe Collected Poems of Rubert Brookepg262.mobi | pg262.epubA
Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnets from the Portuguesepg2002.mobi | pg2002.epubA
Robert BrowningBrowning’s Shorter Poemspg16376-images.mobi | pg16376-images.epubA
Robert BrowningThe Pied Piper of Hamelinpg18343-images.mobi | pg18343-images.epubC
Burns, Coleridge, Dryden, Goldsmith, GraySelections from Five English Poetspg13535.mobi | pg13535.epubA
Robert BurnsThe Complete Workspg18500-images.mobi | pg18500-images.epubA
George Gordon ByronChilde Harold’s Pilgrimagepg5131.mobi | pg5131.epubA
George Gordon ByronDon Juanpg21700-images.mobi | pg21700-images.epubA
George Gordon ByronWorks, Volume 3pg21811-images.mobi | pg21811-images.epubA
Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William WordsworthLyrical Balladspg9622.mobi | pg9622.epubA
Samuel Taylor ColeridgeThe Rime of the Ancient Marinerpg151.mobi | pg151.epubA
T.S. EliotPoemspg1567.mobi | pg1567.epubA
T.S. EliotThe Waste Landpg1321.mobi | pg1321.epubA
W.S. GilbertBab Ballads and Savoy Songspg15370-images.mobi | pg15370-images.epubA
Oliver GoldsmithThe Deserted Villagepg50500-images.mobi | pg50500-images.epubA
Thomas HardyPoems of the Past and the Presentpg3168.mobi | pg3168.epubA
Thomas HardyWessex Poems and Other Versespg3167.mobi | pg3167.epubA
Robert HerrickA Selection of the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrickpg1211.mobi | pg1211.epubA
Gerard Manley HopkinsPoems of Gerard Manley Hopkinspg22403.mobi | pg22403.epubA
A.E. HousmanLast Poemspg7848.mobi | pg7848.epubA
A.E. HousmanA Shropshire Ladpg5720.mobi | pg5720.epubA
James JoyceChamber Musicpg2817.mobi | pg2817.epubA
John KeatsEndymionpg24280.mobi | pg24280.epubA
John KeatsPoems 1817pg8209.mobi | pg8209.epubA
John KeatsPoems Published in 1820pg23684.mobi | pg23684.epubA
Rudyard KiplingVerses 1889-1896pg323.mobi | pg323.epubA
Thomas Babington MacaulayLays of Ancient Romepg847.mobi | pg847.epubA
John MasefieldThe Everlasting Mercypg41467.mobi | pg41467.epubA
John MasefieldSalt-Water Balladspg52761-images.mobi | pg52761-images.epubA
John MasefieldThe Widow in the Bye Streetpg41468.mobi | pg41468.epubA
John MiltonL’Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidaspg397.mobi | pg397.epubA
John MiltonParadise Lostpg20.mobi | pg20.epubA
Wilfred OwenPoemspg1034.mobi | pg1034.epubA
Francis T. Palgrave, ed.The Golden Treasurypg32373-images.mobi | pg32373-images.epubC
Alexander PopeAn Essay on Man: Moral Essays and Satirespg2428.mobi | pg2428.epubA
Alexander PopeThe Rape of the Lock and Other Poemspg9800-images.mobi | pg9800-images.epubA
George W. PowersHandy Dictionary of Poetical Quotationspg15119.mobi | pg15119.epubA
Siegfried SassoonThe War Poemspg14757.mobi | pg14757.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Sonnetspg1041.mobi | pg1041.epubA
Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Complete Poetical Workspg4800.mobi | pg4800.epubA
Edmund SpenserThe Faerie Queen, Book Ipg15272.mobi | pg15272.epubA
Robert Louis StevensonA Child’s Garden of Versespg25609-images.mobi | pg25609-images.epubC
Algernon Charles SwinburnePoems and Ballads (First Series)pg35402.mobi | pg35402.epubA
Alfred, Lord TennysonBeauties of Tennysonpg23597.mobi | pg23597.epubA
VariousA Book of Old Ballads (John Beverly Nichols, ed.)pg7535.mobi | pg7535.epubA
VariousModern British Poetry (Louis Untermeyer, ed.)pg26785.mobi | pg26785.epubA
VariousThe Oxford Book of English Verse (Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, ed.)pg1304.mobi | pg1304.epubA
VariousThe World’s Best Poetry, volume 10 (John R. Howard and Bliss Carman, eds.)pg12925.mobi | pg12925.epubA
Carolyn WellsA Satire Anthologypg47528-img.epub | pg47528-img.mobiA
Oscar WildeBallad of Reading Gaolpg301.mobi | pg301.epubA
William WordsworthThe Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, volume 1pg10219-images.mobi | pg10219-images.epubA
William WordsworthThe Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, volume 2pg12145.mobi | pg12145.epubA
William WordsworthThe Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, volume 3pg12383-images.mobi | pg12383-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49608-images.mobi | pg49608-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49609-images.mobi | pg49609-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49610-images.mobi | pg49610-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49611-images.mobi | pg49611-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49612-images.mobi | pg49612-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49613-images.mobi | pg49613-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49614-images.mobi | pg49614-images.epubA
William Butler Yeatspg49615-images.mobi | pg49615-images.epubA
William Butler YeatsPoemspg38877.mobi | pg38877.epubA
William Butler YeatsWild Swans at Coolepg32491-images.mobi | pg32491-images.epubA

English drama (822)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
J.M. BarrieThe Admirable Crichtonpg3490.mobi | pg3490.epubA
Aphra BehnThe Works of Aphra Behn volume 1pg21339-images.mobi | pg21339-images.epubA
A.C. BradleyShakespearean Tragedypg16966.mobi | pg16966.epubA
William CongreveThe Way of the Worldpg1292.mobi | pg1292.epubA
John GayThe Beggar’s Operapg2421.mobi | pg2421.epubA
W.S. Gilbert and Arthur SullivanThe Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivanpg808.mobi | pg808.epubA
Oliver GoldsmithShe Stoops to Conquerpg383.mobi | pg383.epubA
William HazlittCharacters of Shakespeare’s Playspg5085.mobi | pg5085.epubA
Robert G. IngersollShakespeare: A Lecturepg38105.mobi | pg38105.epubA
Samuel JohnsonPreface to Shakespearepg5429.mobi | pg5429.epubA
Ben JonsonThe Alchemistpg4081.mobi | pg4081.epubA
Ben JonsonVolpone, or, The Foxpg4039.mobi | pg4039.epubA
Christopher MarlowThe Tragical History of Doctor Faustuspg779.mobi | pg779.epubA
Arthur W. PineroTrelawney of the "Wells"pg47561-images.mobi | pg47561-images.epubA
William ShakespeareAll’s Well That Ends Wellpg1529.mobi | pg1529.epubA
William ShakespeareAntony and Cleopatrapg1130.mobi | pg1130.epubA
William ShakespeareAs You Like Itpg1121.mobi | pg1121.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Comedy of Errorspg23046.mobi | pg23046.epubA
William ShakespeareCoriolanuspg1535.mobi | pg1535.epubA
William ShakespeareCymbelinepg1538.mobi | pg1538.epubA
William ShakespeareHamletpg1524.mobi | pg1524.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry IV Part 1pg1115.mobi | pg1115.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry IV Part 2pg1518.mobi | pg1518.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry Vpg1521.mobi | pg1521.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry VI, part 1pg1765.mobi | pg1765.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry VI, part 2pg2255.mobi | pg2255.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry VI, part 3pg2256.mobi | pg2256.epubA
William ShakespeareHenry VIIIpg1541.mobi | pg1541.epubA
William ShakespeareJulius Caesarpg1522.mobi | pg1522.epubA
William ShakespeareKing Johnpg1511.mobi | pg1511.epubA
William ShakespeareKing Learpg1532.mobi | pg1532.epubA
William ShakespeareLove’s Labours Lostpg1510.mobi | pg1510.epubA
William ShakespeareMacbethpg1533.mobi | pg1533.epubA
William ShakespeareMeasure for Measurepg1530.mobi | pg1530.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Merchant of Venicepg1515.mobi | pg1515.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Merry Wives of Windsorpg1517.mobi | pg1517.epubA
William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dreampg1514.mobi | pg1514.epubA
William ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothingpg1519.mobi | pg1519.epubA
William ShakespeareOthellopg1531.mobi | pg1531.epubA
William ShakespearePericlespg1537.mobi | pg1537.epubA
William ShakespeareRichard IIpg1512.mobi | pg1512.epubA
William ShakespeareRichard IIIpg1503.mobi | pg1503.epubA
William ShakespeareRomeo and Julietpg1513.mobi | pg1513.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Taming of the Shrewpg1508.mobi | pg1508.epubA
William ShakespeareThe Tempestpg1540.mobi | pg1540.epubA
William ShakespeareTimon of Athenspg1536.mobi | pg1536.epubA
William ShakespeareTitus Andronicuspg1507.mobi | pg1507.epubA
William ShakespeareTroilus and Cressidapg1528.mobi | pg1528.epubA
William ShakespeareTwelfth Nightpg1526.mobi | pg1526.epubA
William ShakespeareTwo Gentlemen of Veronapg1509.mobi | pg1509.epubA
William ShakespeareA Winter’s Talepg1539.mobi | pg1539.epubA
George Bernard ShawAndrocles and the Lionpg4003.mobi | pg4003.epubA
George Bernard ShawCandidapg4023.mobi | pg4023.epubA
George Bernard ShawCaesar and Cleopatrapg3329.mobi | pg3329.epubA
George Bernard ShawMan and Supermanpg3328.mobi | pg3328.epubA
George Bernard ShawPygmalionpg3825.mobi | pg3825.epubA
Richard Brinsley SheridanThe Rivalspg24761.mobi | pg24761.epubA
Richard Brinsley SheridanSchool for Scandalpg1929.mobi | pg1929.epubA
John Middleton SyngeThe Playboy of the Western Worldpg1240.mobi | pg1240.epubA
John Middleton SyngeRiders to the Seapg994.mobi | pg994.epubA
Oscar WildeAn Ideal Husbandpg885.mobi | pg885.epubA
Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnestpg844.mobi | pg844.epubA
Oscar WildeLady Windermere’s Fanpg790.mobi | pg790.epubA
Oscar WildeA Woman of No Importancepg854.mobi | pg854.epubA

English fiction (823)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Lucy AikenRobinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllablepg6936.mobi | pg6936.epubC
Lucy AikenThe Pilgrim’s Progress in Words of One Syllablepg7088.mobi | pg7088.epubA
AnonymousThe Story of the Three Little Pigspg18155-images.mobi | pg18155-images.epubC
F. AnsteyVice Versapg26853.mobi | pg26853.epubA
Jane AustenEmmapg158.mobi | pg158.epubA
Jane AustenLove and Freindship [sic]pg1212.mobi | pg1212.epubA
Jane AustenMansfield Parkpg141.mobi | pg141.epubA
Jane AustenNorthanger Abbeypg121.mobi | pg121.epubA
Jane AustenPersuasionpg105.mobi | pg105.epubA
Jane AustenPride and Prejudicepg1342.mobi | pg1342.epubA
Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (illustrated)pg42671-images.mobi | pg42671-images.epubA
Jane AustenSense and Sensibilitypg161.mobi | pg161.epubA
R.M. BallantyneThe Coral Sea: A Tale of the Pacific Oceanpg646-images.mobi | pg646-images.epubA
J.M. BarriePeter and Wendy (Peter Pan)pg26654-images.mobi | pg26654-images.epubC
S. Baring-GouldAn Old English Homepg46648-images.mobi | pg46648-images.epubA
Max BeerbohmThe Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy Tale for Tired Menpg36497-images.mobi | pg36497-images.epubA
Arnold BennettThe Old Wive’s Talepg5247.mobi | pg5247.epubA
E.C. BentleyTrent’s Last Casepg2568.mobi | pg2568.epubA
Anne BrontëThe Tenant of Wildfell Hallpg969-images.mobi | pg969-images.epubA
Charlotte BrontëJane Eyrepg1260-images.mobi | pg1260-images.epubA
Emily BrontëWuthering Heightspg768.mobi | pg768.epubA
John BuchanThe Thirty-Nine Stepspg558.mobi | pg558.epubA
Edward Bulwer-LyttonThe Last Days of Pompeiipg1565.mobi | pg1565.epubA
Edward Bulwer-LyttonRienzi: The Last of the Roman Tribunespg1396.mobi | pg1396.epubA
John BunyanThe Pilgrim’s Progresspg131.mobi | pg131.epubA
Mary Elizabeth Burt, ed.Odysseus, The Hero of Ithacapg24856-images.mobi | pg24856-images.epubC
Samuel ButlerErewhonpg1906.mobi | pg1906.epubA
Samuel ButlerThe Way of All Fleshpg2084.mobi | pg2084.epubA
Thomas CarlyleSartor Resartus, and On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in Historypg20585.mobi | pg20585.epubA
Carroll, LewisAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandpg19033-images.mobi | pg19033-images.epubC
Carroll, LewisAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (illus. by Arthur Rackham)pg28885-images.mobi | pg28885s-images.epubC
Carroll, LewisLe avventure d’Alice nel paese delle meraviglie (Italian) (tr. by T. Pietrocòla-Rossetti)pg28371.mobi | pg28371.epubC
Carroll, LewisThrough the Looking-Glasspg12.mobi | pg12.epubC
G.K. ChestertonThe Innocence of Father Brownpg204.mobi | pg204.epubA
G.K. ChestertonThe Man Who Was Thursdaypg1695.mobi | pg1695.epubA
Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Affair at Stylespg863-images.mobi | pg863-images.epubA
Agatha ChristieThe Secret Adversarypg1155.mobi | pg1155.epubA
Wilkie CollinsThe Moonstonepg155.mobi | pg155.epubA
Wilkie CollinsThe Woman in Whitepg583.mobi | pg583.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmespg1661.mobi | pg1661.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervillespg2852.mobi | pg2852.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Lost Worldpg139.mobi | pg139.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Memoirs of Sherlock Holmespg834.mobi | pg834.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Return of Sherlock Holmespg108-images.mobi | pg108-images.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign of the Fourpg2097.mobi | pg2097.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleA Study in Scarletpg244.mobi | pg244.epubA
Arthur Conan DoyleThe Valley of Fearpg3776.mobi | pg3776.epubA
Joseph ConradHeart of Darknesspg219.mobi | pg219.epubA
Joseph ConradLord Jimpg5658.mobi | pg5658.epubA
Joseph ConradThe Secret Agent: A Simple Talepg974.mobi | pg974.epubA
Joseph ConradUnder Western Skiespg2480.mobi | pg2480.epubA
Daniel DefoeRobinson Crusoepg521.mobi | pg521.epubC
Daniel DefoeThe Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanderspg370.mobi | pg370.epubA
Charles DickensBarnaby Rudgepg917.mobi | pg917.epubA
Charles DickensBleak Housepg1023.mobi | pg1023.epubA
Charles DickensA Christmas Carolpg46-images.mobi | pg46-images.epubC
Charles DickensDavid Copperfieldpg43111-images.mobi | pg43111-images.epubA
Charles DickensDombey and Sonpg821.mobi | pg821.epubA
Charles DickensGreat Expectationspg1400.mobi | pg1400.epubA
Charles DickensHard Timespg786.mobi | pg786.epubA
Charles DickensLittle Dorritpg963.mobi | pg963.epubA
Charles DickensMartin Chuzzlewitpg968.mobi | pg968.epubA
Charles DickensNicholas Nicklebypg967.mobi | pg967.epubA
Charles DickensThe Old Curiosity Shoppg700.mobi | pg700.epubA
Charles DickensOliver Twistpg730.mobi | pg730.epubA
Charles DickensOliver Twist (illus. by George Cruikshank)pg46675-images.mobi | pg46675-images.epubA
Charles DickensOur Mutual Friendpg883.mobi | pg883.epubA
Charles DickensThe Pickwick Paperspg580.mobi | pg580.epubA
Charles DickensA Tale of Two Citiespg98.mobi | pg98.epubA
George EliotAdam Bedepg507.mobi | pg507.epubA
George EliotMiddlemarchpg145.mobi | pg145.epubA
George EliotThe Mill on the Flosspg6688.mobi | pg6688.epubA
George EliotRomolapg24020.mobi | pg24020.epubA
George EliotSilas Marnerpg550.mobi | pg550.epubA
Henry FieldingAn Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrewspg30962-images.mobi | pg30962-images.epubA
Henry FieldingHistory of Tom Jones, a Foundlingpg6593.mobi | pg6593.epubA
Henry FieldingJoseph Andrews, volume 1pg9611-images.mobi | pg9611-images.epubA
Henry FieldingJoseph Andrews, volume 2pg9609-images.mobi | pg9609-images.epubA
E.M. ForsterA Room with a Viewpg2641.mobi | pg2641.epubA
John GalsworthyThe Forsyte Sagapg4397.mobi | pg4397.epubA
Elizabeth GaskellNorth and Southpg4276.mobi | pg4276.epubA
George GissingNew Grub Streetpg1709.mobi | pg1709.epubA
Oliver GoldsmithThe Vicar of Wakefieldpg2667.mobi | pg2667.epubA
Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willowspg27805-images.mobi | pg27805-images.epubC
H. Rider HaggardKing Solomon’s Minespg2166-images.mobi | pg2166-images.epubA
H. Rider HaggardShepg3155.mobi | pg3155.epubA
Thomas HardyFar from the Madding Crowdpg107-images.mobi | pg107-images.epubA
Thomas HardyJude the Obscurepg153-images.mobi | pg153-images.epubA
Thomas HardyThe Mayor of Casterbridgepg143.mobi | pg143.epubA
Thomas HardyThe Return of the Nativepg17500.mobi | pg17500.epubA
Thomas HardyTess of the D’Urbervillespg110.mobi | pg110.epubA
William Holt-WhiteThe Crime-Clubpg46566-images.mobi | pg46566-images.epubA
Thomas HughesTom Brown’s Schooldayspg1480.mobi | pg1480.epubA
W.W. JacobsThe Monkey’s Paw and Other Storiespg12122.mobi | pg12122.epubA
Jerome K. JeromeThree Men in a Boatpg308-images.mobi | pg308-images.epubA
Samuel JohnsonRasselas, Prince of Abyssiniapg652.mobi | pg652.epubA
James JoyceDublinerspg2814.mobi | pg2814.epubA
James JoyceA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Manpg4217.mobi | pg4217.epubA
James JoyceUlyssespg4300.mobi | pg4300.epubA
Charles KingsleyThe Water-Babiespg1018.mobi | pg1018.epubC
Rudyard KiplingThe Jungle Bookpg236.mobi | pg236.epubC
Rudyard KiplingJust So Storiespg2781.mobi | pg2781.epubC
Rudyard KiplingKimpg2226.mobi | pg2226.epubC
Rudyard KiplingKipling Stories and Poems Every Child Should Know, Book IIpg30568-images.mobi | pg30568-images.epubC
James KnowlesThe Legends of King Arthur and His Knightspg12753-images.mobi | pg12753-images.epubA
Charles Lamb and Mary LambTales from Shakespearepg573.mobi | pg573.epubC
D.H. LawrenceSons and Loverspg217.mobi | pg217.epubA
D.H. LawrenceWomen in Lovepg4240.mobi | pg4240.epubA
Hugh LoftingThe Story of Dr. Dolittlepg501.mobi | pg501.epubC
Thomas MaloryLe Morte d’Arthur, volume 1pg1251.mobi | pg1251.epubA
Thomas MaloryLe Morte d’Arthur, volume 2pg1252.mobi | pg1252.epubA
Katherine MansfieldThe Garden Party and Other Storiespg1429.mobi | pg1429.epubA
Frederick MarryatThe Children of the New Forestpg21558.mobi | pg21558.epubA
W. Somerset MaughamOf Human Bondagepg351.mobi | pg351.epubA
H.H. Munro ("Saki")Beasts and Super-Beastspg269.mobi | pg269.epubA
H.H. Munro ("Saki")The Chronicles of Clovispg3688.mobi | pg3688.epubA
H.H. Munro ("Saki")Reginaldpg2830.mobi | pg2830.epubA
E. NesbitBeautiful Stories from Shakespearepg1430-images.mobi | pg1430-images.epubC
E. NesbitThe Book of Dragonspg23661-images.mobi | pg23661-images.epubC
E. NesbitThe Enchanted Castlepg3536.mobi | pg3536.epubC
E. NesbitFive Children and Itpg17314-images.mobi | pg17317-images.epubC
E. NesbitThe Phoenix and the Carpetpg836.mobi | pg836.epubC
E. NesbitThe Railway Childrenpg1874.mobi | pg1874.epubC
E. NesbitThe Story of the Treasure Seekerspg770.mobi | pg770.epubC
Baroness OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernelpg60.mobi | pg60.epubA
Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duckpg14814-images.mobi | pg14814-images.epubC
Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Peter Rabbitpg14838-images.mobi | pg14838-images.epubC
Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Two Bad Micepg45264-images.mobi | pg45264-images.epubC
Arthur Quiller-CouchThe Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Talespg51275-images.mobi | pg51275-images.epubC
Charles ReadeThe Cloister and the Hearthpg38895.mobi | pg38895.epubA
Samuel RichardsonPamela, or, Virtue Rewardedpg6124.mobi | pg6124.epubA
Rafael SabatiniCaptain Bloodpg1965.mobi | pg1965.epubA
Rafael SabatiniScaramouchepg1947.mobi | pg1947.epubA
Rafael SabatiniThe Sea-Hawkpg3294.mobi | pg3294.epubA
Sir Walter ScottIvanhoepg82.mobi | pg82.epubA
Sir Walter ScottThe Heart of Mid-Lothianpg6944.mobi | pg6944.epubA
Sir Walter ScottKenilworthpg1606.mobi | pg1606.epubA
Sir Walter ScottThe Lady of the Lakepg3011.mobi | pg3011.epubA
Sir Walter ScottOld Mortalitypg6941.mobi | pg6941.epubA
Sir Walter ScottRob Roypg7025-images.mobi | pg7025-images.epubA
Sir Walter ScottWaverlypg5998.mobi | pg5998.epubA
Anna SewellBlack Beautypg271.mobi | pg271.epubA
Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyFrankensteinpg84.mobi | pg84.epubA
Tobias SmollettThe Adventures of Roderick Randompg4085.mobi | pg4085.epubA
Tobias SmollettThe Expedition of Humphry Clinkerpg2160.mobi | pg2160.epubA
Laurence SterneThe Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemanpg1079-images.mobi | pg1079-images.epubA
James StephensThe Crock of Goldpg1605.mobi | pg1605.epubC
James StephensThe Demi-Godspg46558-images.mobi | pg46558-images.epubA
Robert Louis StevensonKidnappedpg421.mobi | pg421.epubC
Robert Louis StevensonMaster of Ballantraepg864.mobi | pg864.epubC
Robert Louis StevensonThe Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydepg42.mobi | pg42.epubA
Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Islandpg120.mobi | pg120.epubC
Bram StokerDraculapg345.mobi | pg345.epubA
Jonathan SwiftGulliver’s Travelspg829-images.mobi | pg829-images.epubA
William Makepeace ThackeryHenry Esmondpg2511.mobi | pg2511.epubA
William Makepeace ThackeryVanity Fairpg599.mobi | pg599.epubA
Anthony TrollopeBarchester Towerspg3409.mobi | pg3409.epubA
Anthony TrollopeDoctor Thornepg3166.mobi | pg3166.epubA
Anthony TrollopeFramley Parsonagepg2860.mobi | pg2860.epubA
Anthony TrollopeHe Knew He Was Rightpg5140-images.mobi | pg5140-images.epubA
Anthony TrollopeThe Small House at Allingtonpg4599-images.mobi | pg4599-images.epubA
Anthony TrollopeThe Last Chronicle of Barsetpg3045-images.mobi | pg3045-images.epubA
Anthony TrollopeThe Wardenpg619.mobi | pg619.epubA
Anthony TrollopeThe Way We Live Nowpg5231.mobi | pg5231.epubA
Horace WalpoleThe Castle of Otrantopg696.mobi | pg696.epubA
H.G. WellsThe Invisible Manpg5230.mobi | pg5230.epubA
H.G. WellsThe Island of Doctor Moreaupg159.mobi | pg159.epubA
H.G. WellsThe Time Machinepg35.mobi | pg35.epubC
H.G. WellsWar of the Worldspg36.mobi | pg36.epubC
Rebecca WestThe Return of the Soldierpg37189.mobi | pg37189.epubA
Oscar WildeThe Canterville Ghostpg14522-images.mobi | pg14522-images.epubA
Oscar WildeThe Happy Prince and Other Talespg902.mobi | pg902.epubC
Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Graypg174.mobi | pg174.epubA
Margery WilliamsThe Velveteen Rabbitpg11757-images.mobi | pg11757-images.epubC
P.G. WodehouseThe Clicking of Cuthbertpg7028.mobi | pg7028.epubA
P.G. WodehouseThe Girl on the Boatpg20717-images.mobi | pg20717-images.epubA
P.G. WodehouseMy Man Jeevespg8164.mobi | pg8164.epubA
P.G. WodehouseRight Ho, Jeevespg10554.mobi | pg10554.epubA

English essays (824)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Joseph Addison and Richard SteeleThe Spectator, volume 1pg9334.mobi | pg9334.epubA
Francis BaconThe Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moralpg575.mobi | pg575.epubA
William HazlittTable Talkpg3020.mobi | pg3020.epubA
John LubbockThe Pleasures of Lifepg7952.mobi | pg7952.epubA
Samuel SmilesSelf Help; with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverancepg935.mobi | pg935.epubA

English humor and satire (827)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Hilaire BellocA Moral Alphabetpg40134-images.mobi | pg40134-images.epubC
Gelett BurgessThe Goops and How to Be Thempg36664-images.mobi | pg36664-images.epubC
Gelett BurgessThe Goops and How Not to Be Thempg13004-images.mobi | pg13004-images.epubC
Gelett BurgessThe Purple Cowpg30656-images.mobi | pg30656-images.epubC
Lewis Carroll, et al.The Best Nonsense Versespg20353-images.mobi | pg20353-images.epubC
Oliver GoldsmithAn Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dogpg17102-images.mobi | pg17102-images.epubA
Edward LearThe Jumblies and Other Nonsense Versespg34906.mobi | pg34906.epubC
Edward LearNonsense Bookspg13650-images.mobi | pg13650-images.epubC
Norman LindsayThe Magic Puddingpg23625-images.mobi | pg23625-images.epubC
Carolyn WellsThe Jingle Bookpg24560-images.mobi | pg24560-images.epubC
VariousNonsense Anthology (Carolyn Wells, ed.)pg9380-images.mobi | pg9380-images.epubC
VariousThe Parody Anthology (Carolyn Wells, ed.)pg46700-images.mobi | pg46700-images.epubA

English miscellaneous writings (828)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Thomas De QuincyConfessions of an English Opium-Eaterpg2040.mobi | pg2040.epubA
Logan Pearsall SmithTriviapg8544.mobi | pg8544.epubA
Jonathan SwiftA Modest Proposalpg1080.mobi | pg1080.epubA
Oscar WildeDe Profundispg921.mobi | pg921.epubA

German poetry (831)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Wilhelm BuschMax and Mauricepg28847-images.mobi | pg28847-images.epubA
Wilhelm BuschMax und Moritz (German)pg17161-images.mobi | pg17161-images.epubA
Heinrich HeinePoems and Ballads of Heinrich Heinepg31726.mobi | pg31726.epubA
Heinrich HoffmanStruwwelpeterpg12116-images.mobi | pg12116-images.epubA
Heinrich HoffmanDer Struwwelpeter (German)pg24571-images.mobi | pg24571-images.epubA
Karl MayDe Schat in Het Zilvermeer (Dutch) pg21875-images.mobi | pg21875-images.epubA
Rainer Maria RilkeErste Gedichte (German)pg33821.mobi | pg33821.epubA

German drama (832)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaust (German)pg14591-images.mobi | pg14591-images.epubA
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaustpg14460.mobi | pg14460.epubA
Friedrich SchillerThe Robberspg6782.mobi | pg6782.epubA

German fiction (833)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Franz KafkaMetamorphosis (tr. by David Wyllie)pg5200.mobi | pg5200.epubA
Franz KafkaThe Trial (tr. by David Wyllie)pg7849.mobi | pg7849.epubA
Franz KafkaDie Verwandlung (Metamorphorsis in German)pg22367-images.mobi | pg22367-images.epubA
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheThe Sorrows of Young Wertherpg2527.mobi | pg2527.epubA
Hermann HesseSiddhartha (tr. by Gunther Olesch, et al.)pg2500.mobi | pg2500.epubA
Hermann HesseSiddhartha (German)pg2499.mobi | pg2499.epubA
Thomas MannBuddenbrooks (German)pg34811-images.mobi | pg34811-images.epubA
Thomas MannDer Tod in Venedig (German)pg12108.mobi | pg12108.epubA
Johanna SpyriHeidipg1448.mobi | pg1448.epubC
Johann David WyssThe Swiss Family Robinsonpg34808.mobi | pg34808.epubC

Other Germanic literatures (839)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Henrik IbsenA Doll’s Housepg2542.mobi | pg2542.epubA
Henrik IbsenAn Enemy of the People (tr. by F. Farquharson Sharp)pg2446.mobi | pg2446.epubA
Henrik IbsenHedda Gabler (tr. by Edmund Gosse and William Archer)pg4093.mobi | pg4093.epubA
Henrik IbsenThe Master Builder (tr. by Edmund Gosse and William Archer)pg4070.mobi | pg4070.epubA
August StrindbergPlays: The Father; Countess Julie; The Outlaw; The Stronger (tr. by Edith and Warner Oland)pg8499.mobi | pg8499.epubA
Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla; or, The Chronicle of the Kings of Norwaypg598.mobi | pg598.epubA

French poetry (841)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Charles BaudelaireLes Fleurs de Mal (French)pg6099.mobi | pg6099.epubA
Charles BaudelaireFlowers of Evil (tr. by Cyril Scott)pg36098.mobi | pg36098.epubA
Jean de la FontaineFables in Rhyme for Little Folkspg24108-images.mobi | pg24108-images.epubC
Jean de la FontaineFables de La Fontaine (French)pg17941.mobi | pg17941.epubC
Jean de la FontaineThe Fables of La Fontainepg50316.mobi | pg50316.epubC
Arthur RimbaudPoésies complètes (French)pg29302-images.mobi | pg29302-images.epubA

French drama (842)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
MoliereThe Imaginary Invalid (tr. by Charles Heron Wall)pg9070.mobi | pg9070.epubA
MoliereThe Middle-Class Gentleman (tr. by Philip Dwight Jones)pg2992.mobi | pg2992.epubA
MoliereThe Miser (tr. Charles Heron Wall)pg6923.mobi | pg6923.epubA
MoliereTartuffe, or, the Hypocrite (tr. by Curtis Hidden Page)pg2027.mobi | pg2027.epubA
Jean Baptiste RacinePhaedrapg1977.mobi | pg1977.epubA
Edmund RostandCyrano de Bergerac (tr. by Gladys Thomas and Mary F. Guillemard)pg1254.mobi | pg1254.epubA
Edmund RostandCyrano de Bergerac (French)pg1256.mobi | pg1256.epubA

French fiction (843)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AnonymousAucassin and Nicolette (tr. by Francis William Bourdillon)pg23227.mobi | pg23227.epubA
Honoré de BalzacCousin Betty (tr. by James Waring)pg1749.mobi | pg1749.epubA
Honoré de BalzacEugenie Grandet (tr. by Katherine Prescott Wormely)pg1715.mobi | pg1715.epubA
Honoré de BalzacEugénie Grandet (French)pg11049.mobi | pg11049.epubA
Honoré de BalzacFather Goriot (tr. by Ellen Marriage)pg1237.mobi | pg1237.epubA
Honoré de BalzacThe Magic Skin (tr. by Ellen Marriage)pg1307.mobi | pg1307.epubA
Guy de MaupassantThe Complete Original Stories of Guy de Maupassant (tr. by Albert M.C. McMaster, et al.)pg3090.mobi | pg3090.epubA
Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristopg1184.mobi | pg1184.epubA
Alexandre DumasThe Man in the Iron Maskpg2759.mobi | pg2759.epubA
Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeerspg1257.mobi | pg1257.epubA
Alexandre DumasTwenty Years Afterpg1259.mobi | pg1259.epubA
Alexandre DumasLes trois Mousquetaires (French)pg13951.mobi | pg13951.epubA
Gustave FlaubertMadame Bovary (tr. by Eleanor Marx-Aveling)pg2413.mobi | pg2413.epubA
Gustave FlaubertSentimental Educationpg34828-images.mobi | pg34828-images.epubA
Anatole FranceL’Île Des Pingouins (French)pg8524.mobi | pg1930.epubA
Anatole FrancePenguin Islandpg1930.mobi | pg1930.epubA
Victor HugoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame (tr. by Isabel F. Hapgood)pg2610.mobi | pg2610.epubA
Victor HugoLes Miserables (tr. by Isabel F. Hapgood)pg135-images.mobi | pg135-images.epubA
Gaston LerouxThe Phantom of the Operapg175.mobi | pg175.epubA
abbe PrevostManon Lescautpg468.mobi | pg468.epubA
Marcel ProustDu côté de chez Swann (French)pg2650.mobi | pg2650.epubA
Marcel ProustSwann’s Way (tr. by C.K. Scott Moncrieff)pg7178.mobi | pg7178.epubA
Francois RabelaisGargantua and Pantagruel, book 1 (tr. by Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux)pg8166-images.mobi | pg8166-images.epubA
Francois RabelaisGargantua and Pantagruel, book 2 (tr. by Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux) pg8167-images.mobi | pg8167-images.epubA
X.-B SaintinePicciola (French)pg39071.mobi | pg39071.epubA
George SandMauprat (tr. by Stanley Young)pg2194.mobi | pg2194.epubA
StendhalThe Red and the Blackpg44747.mobi | pg44747.epubA
StendhalLe Rouge et le noir (French)pg798.mobi | pg798.epubA
Eugene SueThe Wandering Jewpg3350.mobi | pg3350.epubA
Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Dayspg103.mobi | pg103.epubC
Jules VerneFrom the Earth to the Moon, Direct in Ninety Seven Hours and Twenty Minutespg44278.mobi | pg44278.epubC
Jules VerneIn Search of the Castawayspg46597.mobi | pg46597.epubC
Jules VerneJourney to the Center of the Earth (tr. by Frederick Amadeus Malleson)pg3748.mobi | pg3748.epubC
Jules VerneThe Mysterious Islandpg1268.mobi | pg1268.epubC
Jules VerneTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (tr. by F.P. Walter)pg2488-images.mobi | pg2488-images.epubC
VoltaireCandidepg19942-images.mobi | pg19942-images.epubA
Emile ZolaNana and Three Short Storiespg1069.mobi | pg1069.epubA
Emile ZolaTherese Raquin (tr. by Edward Vizetelly)pg6626.mobi | pg6626.epubA

French essays (844)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Michel de MontaigneEssais de Montaigne, Volume I (French)pg48529-images.mobi | pg48529-images.epubA
Michel de MontaigneEssais de Montaigne, Volume II (French)pg49168-images.mobi | pg49168-images.epubA
Michel de MontaigneEssays (tr. by Charles Cotton)pg3600-images.mobi | pg3600-images.epubA
VoltairePhilosophical Dictionarypg18569.mobi | pg18569.epubA

French miscellaneous writings (848)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Francois, duc de la RochefoucauldReflections; or Sentences and Moral Maxims (tr. by J.W. Willis Bund and J. Hain Friswell)pg9105.mobi | pg9105.epubA
Francois, duc de la RochefoucauldRéflexions ou sentences et maximes morales (French)pg14913.mobi | pg14913.epubA
Jean-Jacques RousseauConfessionspg3913-images.mobi | pg3913-images.epubA

Italian and Romanian fiction (850)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Giovanni BoccaccioThe Decameron, volume 1 (tr. by J.M. Rigg)pg3726.mobi | pg3726.epubA
Giovanni BoccaccioThe Decameron, volume 2 (tr. by J.M. Rigg)pg13103.mobi | pg13103.epubA
Carlo CollodiPinocchiopg16865.mobi | pg16865.epubC

Italian poetry (851)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy (tr. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)pg1004.mobi | pg1004.epubA
Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy, Hell (tr. by Charles Eliot Norton)pg1995.mobi | pg1995.epubA
Ludovico AriostoOrlando Furioso (tr. by William Stuart Rose)pg615.mobi | pg615.epubA
Lucovico AriostoOrlando Furioso (Italian)pg3747.mobi | pg3747.epubA

Spanish and Portuguese fiction (860)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraDon Quixote (tr. by John Ormsby)pg996.mobi | pg996.epubA
Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraDon Quijote (Spanish)pg2000.mobi | pg2000.epubA
Vicente Blasco IbáñezLos cuatro jinetes del apocalipsis (Spanish)pg24536.mobi | pg24536.epubA
Vicente Blasco IbáñezThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypsepg1484.mobi | pg1484.epubA
Juan Ramon JimenezPlatero y yo (Spanish)pg9980-images.mobi | pg9980-images.epubA
José RizalThe Society Cancer (tr. by Charles Derbyshire)pg6737.mobi | pg6737.epubA
José RizalThe Reign of Greedpg10676.mobi | pg10676.epubA

Latin literature (870)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Petronius ArbiterThe Satyricon (tr. by W.C. Firebaugh)pg5225.mobi | pg5225.epubA
Samosata LucianWorks, Volume 1 (tr. by H.W. Fowler and F.G. Fowler)pg6327.mobi | pg6327.epubA

Latin poetry (871)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
LucretiusOn the Nature of Things (tr. William Ellery Leonard)pg785.mobi | pg785.epubA

Latin dramatic poetry and drama (872)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
TerenceComediespg22695.mobi | pg22695.epubA

Latin epic poetry and fiction (873)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
VirgilThe Aeneid (tr. by E. Fairfax Taylor)pg18466.mobi | pg18466.epubA
VirgilThe Aeneid (tr. by John Dryden)pg228.mobi | pg228.epubA

Latin lyric poetry (874)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
HoraceThe Satires, Epistles, and Art of Poetrypg5419.mobi | pg5419.epubA
Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch)The Sonnets, Triumphs, and Other Poemspg17650-images.mobi | pg17650-images.epubA

Latin miscellaneous writings (878)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Marcus Tullius CiceroLetters (tr. by Evelyn S. Shuckburgh)pg2812.mobi | pg2812.epubA
Marcus Tullius CiceroTreatises on Friendship and Old Agepg2808.mobi | pg2808.epubA
Desiderius ErasmusAgainst Warpg39487.mobi | pg39487.epubA
Desiderius ErasmusIn Praise of Follypg30201-images.mobi | pg30201-images.epubA

Greek literature (880)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
AeschylusAgamemnon (tr. by Gilbert Murray)pg14417.mobi | pg14417.epubA
AeschylusAgamemnon (Greek)pg39536-images.mobi | pg39536-images.epubA
AeschylusThe House of Atreus (Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Furies)pg8604.mobi | pg8604.epubA
AeschulusPrometheus Bound and Seven Against Thebespg27458.mobi | pg27458.epubA
AristophanesThe Birdspg3013.mobi | pg3013.epubA
AristophanesClouds (tr. by William James Hickie)pg2562.mobi | pg2562.epubA
AristophanesLysistrata (tr. by Norman Lindsay)pg7700-images.mobi | pg7700-images.epubA
DemosthenesThe Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 1pg9060.mobi | pg9060.epubA
EuripidesMedeapg35451.mobi | pg35451.epubA
EuripidesThe Trojan Womenpg10096.mobi | pg10096.epubA
HomerThe Iliad (poetry translation by Alexander Pope)pg6130-images.mobi | pg6130-images.epubA
HomerThe Iliad (prose translation by Theodore Alois Buckley)pg22382-images.mobi | pg22382-images.epubA
HomerThe Iliad (prose translation by Samuel Butler)pg2199.mobi | pg2199.epubA
HomerL'Odyssée (French)pg52927.mobi | pg52927.epubA
HomerThe Odyssey (tr. by Alexander Pope)pg3160.mobi | pg3160.epubA
HomerThe Odyssey (tr. by Samuel Butler)pg1727.mobi | pg1727.epubA
SophoclesSeven Plays (Antigone, Ajax, King Oedipus, Electra, The Trachinian Maidens, Philoctetes, Oedipus at Colonos) (tr. by Lewis Campbell)pg14481-images.mobi | pg14481-images.epubA

Literatures of other languages (890)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Sholom AleichemJewish Children (tr. by Hannah Berman)pg27001.mobi | pg27001.epubA
Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev, et al.Best Russian Short Storiespg13437.mobi | pg13437.epubA
Anton ChekhovThe Lady with the Dog and Other Stories (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg13415.mobi | pg13415.epubA
Anton ChekhovLetters (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg6408.mobi | pg6408.epubA
Anton ChekhovPlays, Second Series (including The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, and several one-act plays) (tr. by Julius West)pg7986.mobi | pg7986.epubA
Anton ChekhovThe Sea-Gullpg1754.mobi | pg1754.epubA
Anton ChekhovSwan Songpg1753.mobi | pg1753.epubA
Anton ChekhovUncle Vanyapg1756.mobi | pg1756.epubA
Po Chu-i, et al.More Translations from the Chinese (tr. by Arthur Waley)pg16500.mobi | pg16500.epubA
Fyodor DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg28054.mobi | pg28054.epubA
Fyodor DostoevskyCrime and Punishmentpg2554.mobi | pg2554.epubA
Fyodor DostoevskyNotes from the Undergroundpg600.mobi | pg600.epubA
Fyodor DostoevskyThe Possessed (The Devils)pg8117.mobi | pg8117.epubA
Nikolai GogolDead Souls (tr. by D.J. Hogarth)pg1081.mobi | pg1081.epubA
Nikolai GogolThe Mantle and Other Stories (tr. by Claud Field)pg36238-images.mobi | pg36238-images.epubA
Maksim GorkyThe Lower Depthspg52468-images.mobi | pg52468-images.epubA
Omar KhayyámThe Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám (tr. by Edward Fitzgerald)pg22535-images.mobi | pg22535-images.epubA
Mikhail Yurevich LermontovA Hero of Our Time (tr. by J.H. Wisdom and Marr Murray)pg913.mobi | pg913.epubA
Alexandr Sergeevich PushkinThe Queen of Spades (tr. by W. Twitchell)pg23058.mobi | pg23058.epubA
Alexandr Sergeevich PushkinEugene Onegin (tr. by Henry Spalding)pg23997.mobi | pg23997.epubA
Henryk SienkiewiczWith Fire and Sword (tr. by Jeremiah Curtin)pg37027-images.mobi | pg37027-images.epubA
Henryk SienkiewiczQuo Vadis (tr. by Jeremiah Curtin)pg2853.mobi | pg2853.epubA
Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg1399.mobi | pg1399.epubA
Leo TolstoyTolstoy for the Young (tr. by R.S. Townsend)pg51708-images.mobi | pg51708-images.epubC
Leo TolstoyWar and Peacepg2600.mobi | pg2600.epubA
Ivan TurgenevFathers and Children (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg30723-images.mobi | pg30723-images.epubA
Ivan TurgenevA Sportsman’s Sketches, volume 1 (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg8597.mobi | pg8597.epubA
Ivan TurgenevA Sportsman’s Sketches, volume 2 (tr. by Constance Garnett)pg8744.mobi | pg8744.epubA
Ivan TurgenevVirgin Soil (tr. by R.S. Townsend)pg2466.mobi | pg2466.epubA

900 History and geography top

History (900)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
John Dalberg-Acton (Lord Acton)The History of Freedompg31278-images.mobi | pg31278-images.epubA
Francis A. March and Richard J. BeamishHistory of the World Warpg18993.mobi | pg18993.epubA
Hendrik Willem Van LoonThe Story of Mankindpg754.mobi | pg754.epubC
VariousThe Great War in Verse and Prosepg46427-images.mobi | pg46427-images.epubA
H.G. WellsThe Outline of Historypg45368-images.mobi | pg45368-images.epubA
H.G. WellsA Short History of the Worldpg35461-images.mobi | pg35461-images.epubA

Geography and travel (910)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
George BorrowThe Bible in Spainpg415.mobi | pg415.epubA
James BoswellThe Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D.pg6018.mobi | pg6018.epubA
Samuel de ChamplainVoyages of Samuel de Champlain, volume 1 (tr. by Charles Pomeroy Otis)pg6653.mobi | pg6653.epubA
Samuel de ChamplainVoyages of Samuel de Champlain, volume 2 (tr. by Charles Pomeroy Otis)pg6749.mobi | pg6749.epubA
Samuel de ChamplainVoyages of Samuel de Champlain, volume 3 (tr. by Charles Pomeroy Otis)pg6825.mobi | pg6825.epubA
James CookCaptain Cook’s Journal During His First Voyage Round the Worldpg8106-images.mobi | pg8106-images.epubA
Matthew A. HensonA Negro Explorer at the North Polepg20923-images.mobi | pg20923-images.epubA
Edith A. HowPeople of Africapg6693.mobi | pg6693.epubC
Samuel JohnsonJourney to the Western Islands of Scotlandpg2064.mobi | pg2064.epubA
Meriwether Lewis and William ClarkeHistory of the Expedtionpg16565-images.mobi | pg16565-images.epubA
Mungo ParkThe Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805pg8814.mobi | pg8814.epubA
Mungo ParkTravels in the Interior of Africa, volume 1pg5266.mobi | pg5266.epubA
Mungo ParkTravels in the Interior of Africa, volume 2pg5305.mobi | pg5305.epubA
Antonio PigafettaThe First Voyage Around the Worldpg42884-images.mobi | pg42884-images.epubA
Sol T. PlaatjeNative Life in South Africapg1452.jpg.mobi | pg1452.epubA
Marco PoloThe Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 1pg10636.mobi | pg10636.epubA
Marco PoloThe Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 2pg12410.mobi | pg12410.epubA
Ernest ShackletonSouth: The Story of Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Expeditionpg5199-images.mobi | pg5199-images.epubA
Mark TwainThe Innocents Abroadpg3176.mobi | pg3176.epubA
Mark TwainRoughing Itpg3177.mobi | pg3177.epubA
Oscar WildeImpressions of Americapg41806.mobi | pg41806.epubA

Biography and genealogy (920)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
John and Abigail AdamsFamiliar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams During the Revolutionpg34123-images.mobi | pg34123-images.epubA
James BerryMy Experiences As an Executionerpg46579-images.mobi | pg46579-images.epubA
James BoswellBoswell’s Life of Johnsonpg1564.mobi | pg1564.epubA
Sarah H. BradfordHarriet, the Moses of Her Peoplepg9999.mobi | pg9999.epubA
Charle ChesnuttFrederick Douglass: A Biographypg10986.mobi | pg10986.epubA
Sidney ColvinLife of John Keatspg36356-images.mobi | pg36356-images.epubA
Chauncey M. DepewMy Memory of Eighty Yearspg2045.mobi | pg2045.epubA
Olaudah EquianoThe Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The Africanpg15399-images.mobi | pg15399-images.epubA
Louis HughesThirty Years a Slavepg10431.mobi | pg10431.epubA
Sydney LeeA Life of William Shakespearepg23464-images.mobi | pg23464-images.epubA
Solomon NorthupTwelve Years a Slavepg45631-images.mobi | pg45631-images.epubA
PlutarchPlutarch’s Lives, volume 1 (tr. by Aubrey Stewart and George Long)pg14033.mobi | pg14033.epubA
PlutarchPlutarch’s Lives, volume 2 (tr. by Aubrey Stewart and George Long)pg14114.mobi | pg14114.epubA
PlutarchPlutarch’s Lives, volume 3 (tr. by Aubrey Stewart and George Long)pg14140.mobi | pg14140.epubA
PlutarchPlutarch’s Lives, volume 4 (tr. by Aubrey Stewart and George Long)pg44315.mobi | pg44315.epubA
Sojourner TruthThe Narrative of Sojourner Truth (Olive Gilbert, ed.)pg1674.mobi | pg1674.epub
Wayne WhippleThe Story of Young Abraham Lincolnpg22925-images.mobi | pg22925-images.epubC
Katherine E. WilkieDaniel Boone: Taming the Wildspg24730.mobi | pg24730.epubC
Paramahansa YoganandaAutobiography of a Yogipg7452-images.mobi | pg7452-images.epubA

History of ancient world (930)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
E.M. BerensMyths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Romepg22381.mobi | pg22381.epubC
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 1pg731.mobi | pg731.epubA
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 2pg732.mobi | pg732.epubA
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 3pg733.mobi | pg733.epubA
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 4pg734.mobi | pg734.epubA
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 5pg735.mobi | pg735.epubA
Edward GibbonHistory of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume 6pg736.mobi | pg736.epubA
John H. Haaren and Addison B. PolandFamous Men of the Middle Agespg3725.mobi | pg3725.epubA
HerodotusThe History of Herodotus, volume 1 (tr. by G.C. Macaulay)pg2707.mobi | pg2707.epubA
HerodotusThe History of Herodotus, volume 2 (tr. by G.C. Macaulay)pg2456.mobi | pg2456.epubA
Cornelius TacitusThe Histories, volume 1 and 2 (tr. by W. Hamilton Fyfe)pg16927-images.mobi | pg16927-images.epubA
ThucydidesThe History of the Peloponnesian War (tr. by Richard Crawley)pg7142.mobi | pg7142.epubA
Hendrik Willem Van LoonAncient Man: The Beginning of Civilizationspg9991-images.mobi | pg9991-images.epubC

History of Europe (940)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Thomas CarlyleThe French Revolutionpg1301.mobi | pg1301.epubA
Benvenuto CelliniThe Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini (tr. by John Addington Symonds)pg4028.mobi | pg4028.epubA
Louis Antoine Fauvelet de BourrienneMemoirs of Napoleon Bonapartepg3567-images.mobi | pg3567-images.epubA
Charles DickensA Child’s History of Englandpg699-images.mobi | pg699-images.epubC
John William DraperHistory of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume Ipg31345-images.mobi | pg31345-images.epubA
John William DraperHistory of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume IIpg34051-images.mobi | pg34051-images.epubA
Charles Alan FyffeA History of Modern Europe, 1792-1878pg6589.mobi | pg6589.epubA
LivyThe History of Rome, Books 01 to 08 (tr. by D. Spillan)pg19725.mobi | pg19725.epubA
LivyThe History of Rome, Books 09 to 26 (tr. by D. Spillan)pg10907.mobi | pg10907.epubA
LivyThe History of Rome, Books 27 to 36 (tr. by D. Spillan)pg12582.mobi | pg12582.epubA
John LordBeacon Lights of History, volume 6: Renaissance and Reformationpg10532.mobi | pg10532.epubA
Thomas Babington MacaulayThe History of England from the Accession of James II, volume 1pg1468.mobi | pg1468.epubA
Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepyspg4200.mobi | pg4200.epubA
John ReedTen Days That Shook the Worldpg3076.mobi | pg3076.epubA
Philip Dormer Stanford, Earl of ChesterfieldComplete Workspg3361.mobi | pg3361.epubA
Lytton StracheyEminent Victorianspg2447.mobi | pg2447.epubA
Henry B. WheatleySamuel Pepys and the World He Lived In.mobi | .epub
XenophonAnabasis (tr. by H.G. Dakyns)pg1170.mobi | pg1170.epubA
XenophonHellenica (tr. by H.G. Dakyns)pg1174.mobi | pg1174.epubA

History of North America (970)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
Henry AdamsThe Education of Henry Adamspg2044.mobi | pg2044.epubA
AnonymousSlave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States: Vol. 1: Alabama Narrativespg36020-images.mobi | pg36020-images.epubA
Charles and Mary Beard History of the United Statespg16960-images.mobi | pg16960-images.epubA
Edmund BurkeBurke’s Speech on Conciliation with Americapg5655.mobi | pg5655.epubA
Norman CoombsThe Black Experience in Americapg67.mobi | pg67.epubA
Martin Robison DelaneyThe Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destiny of the Colored People of the United Statespg17154.mobi | pg17154.epubA
Frederick DouglassArticlespg99.mobi | pg99.epubA
Frederick DouglassNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglasspg23.mobi | pg23.epubA
W.E.B. Du BoisThe Souls of Black Folkpg408.mobi | pg408.epubA
Ralph Waldo EmersonRepresentative Menpg6312.mobi | pg6312.epubA
Benjamin FranklinThe Autobiography of Benjamin Franklinpg36151-images.mobi | pg36151-images.epubA
Ulysses S. GrantMemoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, Part 1pg5860-images.mobi | pg5860-images.epubA
John Hay and John G. NicolayAbraham Lincoln: A History, Volume 1pg6812.mobi | pg6812.epubA
John Hay and John G. NicolayAbraham Lincoln: A History, Volume 2pg11708-images.mobi | pg11708-images.epubA
Patrick HenryGive Me Liberty or Give Me Deathpg6.mobi | pg6.epubC
Helen KellerThe Story of My Lifepg2397.mobi | pg2397.epubC
Abraham LincolnLincoln’s Inaugurals, Addresses and Letters (Selections)pg14274.mobi | pg14274.epubA
Abraham LincolnThe Writings of Abraham Lincoln, volume 6: 1862-1863pg2658.mobi | pg2658.epubA
Abraham LincolnThe Writings of Abraham Lincoln, volume 7: 1863-1865pg2659.mobi | pg2659.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Indexpg28859-images.mobi | pg28859-images.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Volume 1pg18591-images.mobi | pg18591-images.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Volume 2pg18592-images.mobi | pg18592-images.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Volume 3pg18593-images.mobi | pg18593-images.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Volume 4pg18594-images.mobi | pg18594-images.epubA
John MarshallLife of George Washington, Volume 5pg18595-images.mobi | pg18595-images.epubA
Helen NicolayThe Boy’s Life of Abraham Lincolnpg1815.mobi | pg1815.epubC
Francis ParkmanThe Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Lifepg1015.mobi | pg1015.epubA
Rowland Evans RobinsonVermont: A Study of Independencepg35573-images.mobi | pg35573-images.epubA
Mary RowlandsonNarrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandsonpg851.mobi | pg851.epubA
Frederick Jackson TurnerThe Frontier in American Historypg22994.mobi | pg22994.epubA
Booker T. WashingtonUp From Slaverypg2376.mobi | pg2376.epubC
Daniel WebsterSelected Speechespg7600.mobi | pg7600.epubA
Joseph T. WilsonThe Black Phalanx: African American Soldiers in the War of Independence, the War of 1812, and the Civil Warpg31339-images.mobi | pg31339-images.epubA
VariousThe Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 1995, Memorial Issuepg206.mobi | pg206.epubA

History of South America (980)

AuthorTitleFile NamesCollection(s)
William Hickling PrescottHistory of the Conquest of Perupg1209.mobi | pg1209.epubA

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