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The Partners

bookaworld will establish liaisons with partners in the field to assist us in distribution of our eReader Libraries to our target recipients. The role and requirements of each “player” are described below.


  • bookaworld will purchase the eReaders, protective cover, and power adapter package to be given to each recipient.
  • bookaworld will populate each of the eReaders with over 1,000 volumes selected from the world’s most important, educational, and entertaining books, most of which will be in the public domain.
  • bookaworld will pack the eReader packages and pay the packing and shipping expenses necessary to deliver the eReader Libraries to the international airport nearest the location of the intended recipients.
  • bookaworld will NOT pay sales tax on the eReader Libraries, since they are being given to the recipients free of charge.
  • bookaworld WILL pay any legitimate import fees or other costs associated with delivery of the eReader Libraries which bookaworld, in its sole discretion, deems to be reasonable, and which are identified and established before bookaworld ships the eReader Libraries.
  • Partners may be individuals, NGOs, nonprofit groups, government agencies, etc., that directly serve our target audience (see Recipients below);
  • Partners will identify eligible recipients of our eReaders;
  • Partners will advise bookaworld regarding policies and procedures necessary to follow in order to deliver the eLibraries to the children. This includes notifying bookaworld of any import fees or other costs which may be associated with delivery of the eReader Libraries, excepting sales tax (which bookaworld will not pay);
  • Partners will assure bookaworld there is a secure and efficient means available for delivery of the eReaders to the recipients;
  • Partners will receive and deliver the eReader Libraries to the recipients;
  • Partners will not be responsible for the eReaders once they are delivered to the recipients. Partners may, at their option, offer services (security, storage, repair, etc.) to recipients, but are not required or expected to do so;
  • Partners understand that recipients will be the exclusive owners of eReaders provided to them by bookaworld;
  • No employee of a Partner has a salary in excess of $165,000 USD per year.
The following criteria may be amended and others added as we mature.
  • The recipient has not yet attained their 19th birthday;
  • The recipient has expressed an interest in receiving a free eReader from bookaworld;
  • It is unreasonable to expect the recipient could obtain an eReader and populate it with the bookaworld library by other means. That is to say, they cannot afford an eReader and, if they can, they do not have access to the Internet connectivity, or the familiarity with the world literature, which would enable them to assemble the library;
  • If the recipient is a member of a group that will be receiving eReaders, roughly half or more of that group is comprised of females;
  • The recipient has very limited or no access to a rich selection of books and other print media.


Welcome to our first partner! Selamta Family Project, founded in 2005, brings widows and orphans together to form new and lasting families. Their services do not stop there, however. Selamta (which means “Be at peace,” in Amharic) supports those families, which now include 101 children, until the children are through school and employed. In 2016, bookaworld provided each of Selamta's children with an eReader library.

bookaworld is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

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