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The People

bookaworld is an all-volunteer effort which we hope, in time, will involve an international family of like-minded men and women with an earnest desire to save the world.

The tables below set out the positions to be taken on by bookaworld people. Many of us will undoubtedly wear multiple hats, but are only listed below in our principal roles. If there is a role that interests you here, drop us an email telling us a little about yourself and what you would like to take on. Then, let’s get going!

bookaworld is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.


These are the individuals who will run bookaworld, assuring it is well funded and operated in an efficient and legal manner.

Board of DirectorsUp to seven individuals who are able to bring exceptional expertise and financial support to bookaworld. The current members are the founding board, and will step aside as more appropriate individuals are appointed.Dale Copps, USA
Sarah Copps, USA
D.B. Johnson, USA
DirectorDale is the founder of bookaworld. He reports to the Board and serves at their pleasure.Dale Copps
Assistant DirectorSeveral individuals will, over time, be asked to take on this role, each one to concentrate on a specific area of the operation.Sarah Copps
Several vacancies
Legal AdvisorAn attorney knowledgeable in the field of nonprofit charitable corporations.Vacant
Business Advisor (Domestic)A business person knowledgeable in the field of American business, including such areas as negotiations, RFQs, purchasing, and export.Vacant
Business Advisor (International)A business person knowledgeable in the field of transacting business in one or more foreign countries.Multiple vacancies
Accounting AdvisorAn accountant (preferably a CPA) who will advise on our methods of financial recordkeeping. As there will be no paid employees for the foreseable future, this should be fairly straightforward and uninvolved.Vacant
Partner Recruiting/Liaisonbookaworld will work with existing nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and others that are on the ground in the locations we wish to serve. We will depend upon them to identify eligible recipients of our eReaders, to distribute them, and to help us maintain post-distribution contact with recipients.Multiple vacancies
Foundation Researchbookaworld will concentrate on seeking foundation funding (though we will accept individual donations), and will seek volunteers who are experienced in finding appropriate funders and who will guide and advise bookaworld in applying for funding.Multiple vacancies
Grant WritersGrant applications can be complicated and we expect to be filling out quite a number of them.Multiple vacancies
CrowdFundingIs this a way to go in looking for funding? We need someone knowledgeable about these online tools to advise the Board and, if we all agree on it, to set up a bookaworld crowd-funding presence at one or more of these sites.Multiple vacancies


Technical expertise in the areas of the Internet, eReaders, and communications will be essential to mounting an effective operation.

Who Description Current
Website Design This site is intended to be temporary. It was cloned from another site Dale maintains. We want a whole new look for bookaworld and there are many brilliant web site designers out there. We expect we can find one to three who share bookaworld’s goals and who would be willing to showcase their talents here. Multiple vacancies
Web Site Data Management Data management on this PHP/MySQL platform calls for talents other than web site design. This person will help code the interactive features of the site. Vacant
SSL Advisor SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is the technology which allows a site to securely accept credit card donations. Although we will be concentrating on foundation funding, we will also want to enable online individual donations, and will want the assistance and advice of someone who’s “been there/done that” to aid us. Vacant
eMail Designer/Advisor We do not yet know just how we will be marketing this endeavor. (Your ideas and input are most welcome.) However, we will undoubtedly use eMail to communicate with those who wish to follow our activities. This volunteer will be knowledgeable in mass eMailings, eMail design, and other considerations necessary for managing an efficient eMail service. Vacant
Skype Advisor There will be a great deal of international communication necessary in the management of bookaworld. Skype is an online, face-to-face communication program which provides an efficient and economical means of Internet-based communications. We want someone who is an expert in Skype to help us understand and set up Skype communications. Vacant
eReader Device Experts We will need people who know eReader devices inside and out: the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader, and others we will be acquiring. Typically, we will be acquiring dedicated eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook, and not such advanced multifunction devices such as the iPad, Kindle Fire, or smartphones. Eric Friets, USA
Additional vacancies
Additional Technical Expertise We expect many additional technical issues will arise and need to be addressed, such as issues involved with battery recharging. We seek engineering advice and assistance on these matters.Multiple vacancies


Content will be key to bookaworld

Who Description Current
Content Identification NOTE: Though additions and deletions are expected throughout the life of bookaworld, as of September 2014, the bookaworld collection is complete.

Find and recommend public-domain materials as well as those donated by copyright holders. bookaworld eReaders will be stocked with a standard core collection of several hundred titles, as well as additional titles for specific destinations.
Multiple vacancies
Content Providers Sources for the bookaworld Library.
Translator Recruiting/Liaison bookaworld will want to find and recruit translators from around the world for the purpose of supplying translations for our web pages, eReader directions, etc. In some instances, we might even prevail upon them to donate translations of public-domain materials. Multiple vacancies
Translators The people our recruiters recruit, and others who find us independently.
  • Teshome Berhanu
  • AddisBooks (USA) (Amharic)
  • Multiple additional vacancies
Production People who can produce .mobi and .epub formatted files from scanned materials, Word files, or other formats. Multiple vacancies
Who else? As bookaworld gears up, other volunteer opportunities will arise which we are not able to anticipate yet. Keep your eye on this page if you have not found anything in which you are interested or for which you are qualified. You might find your way into our family yet!Multiple vacancies

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